Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thematic Photographic 90 - The grass is always greener

Overgrown donuts
St. Thomas, ON, June 2009

We were on our way to the air show* when we ran into the longest, slowest traffic jam we'd ever seen. My daughter and I made the best of it, however, watching the crowds around us and taking in the aircraft flying warmups over the quiet countryside near the airport.

Along Talbot Line (they call roads "Lines" here. Odd, that.) we came across a junkyard filled with old vehicles - a city bus here, a dump truck there - but the most interesting find was this old donut-serving trailer (or is it "doughnot" I never know.) I could practically smell the sinful blobs of fat in their cholesterol-laden pools of oil as we sat there, engine off, waiting for the traffic to get moving again.

(Note to Officer Bob: Yes, I took this while I was technically driving. But we were rather monumentally stuck. So I figured you wouldn't mind if I entertained my daughter while we sat parked in the middle of the road. I knew you'd understand. So Canadian of you!)

Your turn: This photo supports this week's new Thematic Photographic theme, "The grass is always greener." I've chosen this theme because it's winter on the top half of the planet, and we could all use an excuse to ogle some green. So if it's got grass in it, we want to see it. Just post a green grass-themed pic on your blog, then paste a link to it in a comment here. Repeat, if you wish, and feel free to visit other participants to share the optical joy. Please click here for instructions on how Thematic Photographic works.

* More air show pics here, here, here, here and here. We eventually made it in time to meet up with friends and have an incredible day. Sometimes, you need a pause in the action to appreciate how lucky you are to have what you have.


christina said...

Yes, grass is greener then snow!!!

Unknown said...

"The Old South"

Plain Jane said...

Crimson Forever!

hapzydeco said...

Green in the Northern Hemisphere is Spring buds.

Glennis said...

Yes, the grass is quite green down here!

Mona Sweden said...

Green grass makes you feel good!

Catherine said...

I have photos of a most unusual lawn up for my contribution this week. (For some reason, they have come out smaller than I intended. Hope you can still see enough detail. If I get time, I will try to fix it tomorrow).

Peg Cherre said...

I've posted mine, and was surprised to find how warm it made me feel amid our most recent snowstorm.