Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hidden treasure

Art in an alley
London, ON, March 2009
About this photo: We've been exploring "at rest" for the past week and may yet have one more kick at the can before day's end. New theme launches tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST.
I was walking through the fading light of a late winter evening in our burg's downtown core. I had been in Toronto that day, and after catching an earlier train home, ended up with a bit of time to kill before my wife was to pick me up. Coincidentally, I had my camera with me. So off I went.

I slowly paced the gloomily quiet streets, pausing occasionally to stuff my hands back in my pockets in a vain attempt to ward off the chill. As I walked past a non-descript office building on an otherwise non-descript street, I caught sight of something, and stopped. Against my better judgment, I wandered into the private alleyway - I know, I trespassed. So sue me. I found this piece of abandoned art just sitting there. I had no idea why something like this would end up forgotten in a graffiti-covered back alley, but I was glad I found it before it disappeared for good.

Maybe someone, someday, will share this piece's backstory with us. Until then, I'm content to simply imagine what that story might be.

Your turn: So what is this painting's story?

One more thing: Somewhat coincidentally, the car in the pic is a Chevy HHR - like the one I now drive. Except mine's black. And my wife is much prettier.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

lucky dude!

(okay, being prepared and keeping the
eyes open has nothing to do with


luvitt! :-)


Mark said...

Nice capture. Also, wise closing sentence.

Mark said...

The license plate says, "Don't drink and drive." Perhaps this was painted to capture the attention and then provide that message.

MorahMommy said...

You are a very sweet and smart man!


kenju said...

That thing above the it a scrub brush or a flying saucer in a skirt?

Mark said...

Hey, that does look like one of those "scrubbing bubbles" guys from a bathroom cleaner commercial from the ('70's, or '80's).

Plain Jane said...

*tee hee* And here I thought I was going to be clever and original while making a witty comment about scrub bubbles... but alas, I am not.