Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek goes phallic

Never let it be said that editors don't have senses of humor. To wit, the cover of the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek that teases the article, The Hedge Fund Myth (aka Hedge Funds are for Suckers. Click here to start the penile fun.

Juvenile? Quite likely. Offensive to some? Um, yes. Sexist? Pretty sure it's a yes.

But here's the thing: success in media has always been about getting folks to chime into your message. Whether it's selling newspapers and magazines, hawking a radio or television show or hyping a website, those who attract the largest audiences will prevail over those who do not.

Size matters. And mundane headlines, story ideas and, yes, cover graphics won't drive size. Swinging for the fences will, and whoever was in charge on this day in this newsroom decided to push the envelope a little. It's crass and crude, but it'll attract readers. Which drives ad revenue. Which keeps the whole thing spinning.

Does it portend a rush to the gutter when it comes to quality? Good question...let's discuss. Either way, that's business in the new media age. Which is pretty much the same as business in the old media age. Except faster.

Your turn: Too far or just right? Where do you stand?

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