Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Welcome to the Valley of Death

Laval, QC
May 2013
Thematic. In rough shape. Here.
This could either be a satellite shot of a desert, a close-up shot of an abandoned corner of someone's yard, or something in between. Since I couldn't find anything to give it some scale, it'll have to remain a mystery.

(Though, if we're going to be super-analytical about it, it's a safe bet that I wasn't perched on an orbiting bird, and my rent-a-Cessna-for-aerial-photography budget for that month had been sadly depleted by the time I took this particular photo.)

Whatever its scale may be, this one keeps popping into my head thanks to the historic heat wave that's rolling across the U.S. southwest. Nay, make that much of the U.S. And I'm guessing, soon, the Great White North.

It doesn't matter where you stand in the great global warming debate. You can think it's scientific fact or government-funded conspiracy, but it's hard to deny the blast furnace-like kick in the teeth that awaits you when you step outside to walk the dog in the morning. And if you're stuck in the brutal heat, I hope you're able to find refuge from it before long.

Your turn: how do you beat the heat?


Mustang Sally said...

and it COULD be the bottom of a dried up mud puddle with what LOOKS to be a bicycle tire tread in the middle ... but your words sound much more exciting though truthfully I think it's every bit as visually interesting as the more exciting possibilities. Out here in TX the ground cracks get quite large during the drought, sometimes 3 or 4 inches deep.

sage said...

Nice texture. So far this year, those of us in the midwest are enjoying mild weather with lots of rain---unlike last year when it was hot and very dry and the grass was brown by this time of the summer. But the SW is unbearable.