Saturday, July 20, 2013

Painting the sky with color

The Rainbow Connection
London, ON
June 2013
Thematic. Cloudspotting. Here.
The inevitable flip side of hot and humid days is that it's only a matter of time before the sky turns dark, the lightning starts and the world gets very wet, very quickly. In our little corner of the planet, summertime storms can be dangerously intense, and we've learned to monitor the weather fairly closely to ensure we always know what's headed our way.

Yet, for all the sometimes-frightening meteorological drama, a little sunshine at the tail end of it all can turn even the most intense storm into a foundation for a sliver of joy. No one can resist smiling when a rainbow appears overhead. And if indeed they can resist one of nature's most remarkable creations, I suspect I'd rather have iced tea and a chat with someone else.

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SJ said...

We've had lots of stormy weather lately here, in Vermont. I've been known to run outside with the camera, some times barefoot, often when it hasn't fully stopped raining... all in search of a rainbow. I never seem to catch them at our current home, but I'm sure they must be there some times, so I know I'll keep checking. In the meantime I'll just keep enjoying the incredible sunsets that mark my evenings, providing sensational views from my kitchen window and outside on the back deck. (I also run outside, barefoot, camera in hand, for those. My five year old has started to alert me when he notices the sun beginning to set!)