Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farmers feed cities

Here's mud in your eye
Embro, ON
July 2013
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It's hard to get a sense of where your food comes from when your only exposure to it is in the grocery store. A quick trip to the country is often all it takes to realize there's a lot more to the food chain than plastic packaging and a price tag.

On this day, the corn fields that extend throughout much of southwestern Ontario had just taken it on the chin. Severe thunderstorms had just swept through the area, downing tree limbs and flattening crops. This drenched field seemed to beg for a picture, as it quietly waited for the sun to come out, for the water to evaporate, and for life to go on.

I could get used to the cycles of time in a place like this. I think a return trip, hopefully on a nicer day, is in order.

Your turn: When's the last time you were in the country?

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