Monday, July 15, 2013

Loblaw buys Shoppers - Canadian retail quakes

I've been somewhat remiss in keeping y'all updated on my writing. I do, in fact, string words together journalistically for a number of online publications - and, somewhat surprisingly to some, I don't always exclusively focus on tech.

For example, I write for The Loop. Most of my work for this consumer-focused site revolves around making smarter purchase decisions, and my articles appear on the Consumer Blog.

Today's piece was an interesting one: Canada's largest retail food distributor, Loblaw, bought the country's largest retail pharmacy chain, Shoppers Drug Mart (aka Pharmaprix in Quebec). The price? $12.4 billion. But behind the ginormous numbers, megadeals like these have an unheralded impact on little folks like you and me. From now on, this deal will touch our lives every time we decide to head down to the store to pick something up, every time we fill our grocery carts, every time we need a prescription filled.

I wrote this piece, Loblaw acquires Shoppers: What it means to consumers, to answer the kinds of questions mere mortals like us might have. It made the site's front page, too: neat.

Your turn: What else should I write about? As a consumer, what bugs you?

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