Saturday, October 16, 2021

Crabapples near and far

Gravity always has the last laugh
London, ON
October 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

The house where I grew up had a crabapple tree in the backyard, and every autumn this wildly out-of-control tree would drop a massive load of berries all over the place.

I never quite saw the point of a crabapple tree, because we weren’t about to make crabapple cookies or pies. And the berries ruined the lawn and stained the carpet when we inevitably tracked their messy remains into the house. Good times.

Fast forward to adulthood, and rather coincidentally we have a crabapple tree in the boulevard just across the sidewalk from our yard. And wouldn’t you know that it, too, makes quite the mess around this time of year.

The dog doesn’t much like the berries, either, as we have to carefully navigate the sidewalk every time we head out. So I’m sure she was wondering why I stopped for a closer look during this afternoon’s meander.

I assured her I was just taking a picture. We’ll leave the crabapple pie for another time. Or, more realistically, never.

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