Monday, October 04, 2021

Where we stare up at a brick wall

Plain. Not so plain. You be the judge.
London, ON
October 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Recipe for photographic entertainment:

Walk up to a building. Any building.

Like, really close to it.

Look up. Way up.

Console yourself when The Friendly Giant fails to appear.

Appreciate how the building reaches for the sky.

Drink in the design, the texture, the geometry.

Even if it’s an uninspired circa-1980s brick exterior mall.

Because someone still designed it.

And we need more moments of silent appreciation in our lives.

Take out your camera (or smartphone, whatever you’ve got. We’re not judgy here.)

Compose the shot.

Try to avoid losing your balance or getting dizzy - or both - in the process.

Play with the lines to ensure they all line up in one way or another.

Resist the urge to use cuss words when the lines don’t cooperate.

Remind yourself that auto-everything photography still can’t fix lousy composition.

Quietly thank your third grade math teacher for those geometry lessons.

Smile genially at the passers-by who think you’re insane.

Tuck your camera away when you’re satisfied you’ve got at least one workable pic.

Resolve to stick more of these spontaneous shoots into those in-between moments - while waiting for an appointment, when walking the dog, as you toss groceries into the cart, whenever - that would otherwise go to waste.

Not a bad recipe, no?

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