Saturday, October 02, 2021

Oil tankers in our midst

Ignore at your peril
London, ON
July 2017
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Everyone talks about climate change - as they should - but rarely do we ever stop and think about what the fossil fuel economy looks like, and how it shapes the places we call home.

Fossil fuel infrastructure is everywhere: gas stations on every major corner, pipelines running through residential neighborhoods, and miles-long trains of tanker cars like the ones you see here.

It takes a lot of heavy equipment to keep the fuel flowing, and I'm more than a little surprised at how effectively the industry has managed to camouflage it all in plain sight.

So as part of my personal mission to tell the stories of the everyday, I'll add this to the mix, as well.

Because maybe someday we won't need to have ticking time bombs like these rolling through our back yards. Maybe we'll find a better way to keep our lives moving forward.

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