Monday, October 02, 2006

Flashy Benz

I've long envied the photographers who work for car magazines. They spend all day hanging around vehicles that most of the teenagers who buy these rags will likely never be able to afford. They also don't have to contend with tempestuous diva-models who throw hissy-fits because someone forgot to toss a hint of grenadine into their Diet and Caffeine Free Pepsi.

The truth is that cars make great subjects. You can walk around them for hours, examining their myriad curves for just the right combination of light and perspective. And since I don't work for an automotive magazine, I don't have to worry about what those drooling teens would want to see.

I found this curvaceous Benz in the parking lot outside my office. Its gracious owner liked the results, so I suspect there might be more automotive photography in my future.

Your turn: Why do cars so fascinate us? They are, at the core, mere forms of transportation. Yet they are often elevated to paragons of art and culture. What gives?


Steph said...

Where I live, in southern California, what you drive pretty much defines you. People wear their identities in the car they drive. It's sad but true. I try not to be of like mind, but when I recently had a rental car with no power windows or door locks - too primitive to even have a CD player - I pretty much did nothing but whine about it the whole time. No matter how hard I try, I'm a product of my environment, and around here unfortunately, the environment is expensive cars!

Jef said...

I love the angle, cropping, and the way the light falls on the grill.

The reasons that draw each of us to particular models of cars are as varied as we are individuals. For me, the combination of the color and lines is what attracts me. I miss the old models with their long, sleek lines and fins that implied movement and momentum... even while sitting still.

You know, there isn't a day that goes by that I look at the world without thinkng of you. I've always been drawn to photographs and photographers who look at ordinary things from an extraordinary perspective.

Shan said...

Did a great deal of walking around Toronto yesterday. Visited Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce dealerships. Took a bunch of pictures.

Cars are just like clothing. We use them as identifiers. With it, they highlight one's wealth and status.

srp said...

I buy my cars on basis of how long will they last with the least amount of trouble, how well are they built, their safety record and price.

Most of my cars have been Hondas.

Angie_R said...

Most cars don't affect me all that much, but Mustangs... a totally different story. When I saw one of the 2005 new body types for the first times, I literally stopped my old car and sat there drooling over it as it flashed by. One day I want to have one, even an older, classic one. I just love them!

Angie_R said...

Btw, Angie_R is jadedprimadonna's teacher name. I keep forgetting how I'm logged in, lol.

Azgreeneyes said...

I like cars (and trucks, in my case) because when you buy them, you buy them because of who you are, who you were, or who you want to be. For myself and my husband, our vehicles do show our personalities; he drives a nice sedan, neutral color and very elegant, which shows his quiet, unobtrusive side. I drive a fire engine red big Dodge truck that seems to show my attitude and determination and my ability to do the hard physical work most people complain about.

But that's just me.

Library Lady said...

It's the chrome...all bling! Maggie :D