Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner is almost served

Empty. For now.
London, ON, April 2011

Some of my favorite pictures (please see here for more similarly-themed Thematic) from this past year are also the simplest. I've admitted many times that I like simple things, that my overwhelmed-by-life brain often needs to get away from it all by capturing and taking in stripped down, elemental scenes.

This particular photo is an excellent example, as it was taken in that quiet time before we had friends over for dinner, as the house bubbled with adults and kids catching up with each other, and the smells from the kitchen suggested we were in for quite a treat. It was a warm, happy moment, and one picture takes me right back. Powerful stuff, this photography thing.

Your turn: What's going to end up on this plate?


Alexia said...

My guess is something cooked with love, with extra friendship sauce ;)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I agree w/Alexia + I think laughter, memories and more dinners..

Max Sartin said...

It looks like a paper plate, so I'm going to say pizza. Or maybe bbq burgers and/or hot dogs. With home made potato salad, beans and a cold beer.