Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eat a good breakfast

A good start
Delray Beach, FL, January 2011
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I used to be religious about breakfast, with at least a 20- or 30-minute block of time reserved to sit down at the kitchen table with something nominally nutritious. I'd take my time with it as I spread the newspaper out and gradually ease my way into the day.

Times have changed. I get up at different times every morning - sometimes psychotically and unpredictably early depending on deadlines, munchkins' choir schedules and the state of the dog. Oh, and the newspaper these days is impossibly thin, and barely worth reading. Carving out quiet time to eat and read has taken a bit of a back seat, so most mornings I get by with a quickly downed glass of juice and a thermal mug of tea that comes with me wherever I go.

I know that this is bad. Logically, I appreciate how important a good breakfast is to maintaining good health. Realistically, I'm just freakishly time-challenged, so this is the first thing to go.

I'm not one to make resolutions. Still, I know this is something I need to change. Opinions welcome.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I have found that a resolution only works if you are 100% behind it and don't feel that you have to do it for others, do it for yourself then it doesn't feel as if its a chore.

Janice said...

Hey Carmi. I'm usually in a bit of a time crunch in the morning too. But, I always take time for breakfast. Otherwise I would be a grumpy girl.

I suggest you try oatmeal! It's a good start to the day, tastes great, quick and is good for you. All good things!

If you get the quick oats, just 90 seconds in the microwave does the trick. I use milk instead of water add dried cherries (hate raisins) and walnuts to make it interesting.

Carola... said...

G'day Carmi!
Its been for-ages since I've perused your blog. I have just found your link [via my old blogpage] and have enjoyed catching up a bit!

Mmm... Breakfast. Such a glorious start to the day, such a tough thing to pass up. I used to be erratic with my breakfasts but now I force myself, and its worth it... even if I have to get up impossibly early - but I have a fall back option...

See, as I now work as a personal carer, and some of my shifts start before breakfast... and since I get the pleasure of making 14 or so breakfasts on those shifts, I include one extra one for me. I however dont get to sit down or relax on those days, but I get breakfast.

On the days that I do get breakfast, like on my school days, I make sure its porridge to fill me up and get my brain into gear... and I eat less crap when I've had breakfast. And i'm less sleepy before lunch time [after lunch is a different story]. And I'm less easily irritated.

And thats the way the cookie crumbles. Get back into your breakfast box now, Carmi!