Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carved in stone

Angled mantel
Delray Beach, Florida, December 2006 [Click to embiggen]

A camera, a tripod and some free time. It's a pretty good recipe when I'm feeling creative and I have an itchy shutter finger. As I meandered through the living room, the tripod allowed me to use longer exposures and smaller apertures, which allowed even oblique compositions like this to be tack sharp from edge to edge.

The texture pulls me in every time I look at this image. I feel like I can touch it.

Your turn: What's photographable in your living room? Will you be taking a picture of it anytime soon?

Quick note on life: I'm zoomin off into the big blue sky tomorrow - oops, make that today. Heading to Boston to work on a fascinating project. It's a quick trip - I'll be back late Thursday night - but I suspect I'll find a way to capture unique, new-to-me experiences along the way. More soon...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shot Carmi! I just started my photgraphy class and I am not used to shooting anything indoors so its a little bizarre. I soo want to get out picture taking but its cold out!!! Now thanks to you i am frantically looking around my living room for something interesting!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as the picture loaded my first thought was...I can already feel the texture of the mantle...then I read you thought the same thing... :)

Isnt it wonderful that photography can actually portray a specific texture if it's done right? My favorite things to shoot are right around me everyday. There is a joy out of realizing that even in your living room you can get superb shots that make you think about your surroundings and appreciate creativity.

The last image I got from my living room was as I was dusting on the floor. I looked up at our paper floor lamp above and went back for my camera to get the shot. Check it out at my blog under the archives for October. It is titled Familiar Shades. It turned out to be one of my favorites!

Have a gerat trip!

Anonymous said...

Err, photographible in my livingroom? Um, nothing. Check this out as to why!!

But, I've recently corrected the situation with the walls, since I'm living alone now, I can put up what I want! It looks great...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all your photos and commentary of the past few days.
Hey....get some great shots of Bean home town.
And safe journey back home.

Anonymous said...

No pics for me until my camera is shipped back from Canon. It seems there is a teensy-weensy little problem that they are graciously fixing for free even though it's well beyond the warranty period. Add Canon to the list (with Apple and a few others) - they want my repeat business. They show it.


Carola said...

Carmi - your timing is amazing! :)

Firstly, your picture of your mantlepiece over your fireplace [its what i can imagine such an obvious ledge with a mirror on it to be] is fantastic. Its amazing how the texture gets captured - even on such a broad area!

Secondly, my lounge room doesnt have much in it to capture - perhaps half of the lounge that is still there, or the coffee table, but thats it! We have such little furniture I think the most exciting thing to capture would be when you stand at the front door with it open and look down to the other end of the house, how randomly obscure the leans of all the doors are - its like they didnt know what 'straight' was..!

But its facincating!

Happy Days Carmi & Family!
I hope to come back more often :D

Anonymous said...

You're right about being able to almost feel the texture of that photo.

Be careful friend...we'll be looking forward to your return.