Saturday, January 20, 2007


Roof meets sky
Deerfield Beach, Florida, December 2006

I'll take pictures of anything if it captures my eye just so. The changing room/services building beside the pool is your typical one storey concrete building set amidst countless other forgettable structures. But every time I walked past it, I found myself staring at it. Its stark, unadorned angles seemed to have their own charm,.

I like the edges and the color of this one. The shadows seem to invite the eye in for a closer look. The picture reminds me of where I stood when I took it. The kids were swimming with my wife just behind me. Their voices sang in my ears as I took the picture before putting the camera away and joining them.

Your turn: Why am I so fascinated by all that is plain? Why are you?

Photographic update: The blue isn't enhanced. I believe pictures should faithfully reproduce what the photographer saw when the image was first shot, so I limit any Photoshopping to occasional minor tweaks. Florida sky is just that much cooler to look at, I guess.


Anonymous said...


I am fascinated by the plain things because everyone can enjoy them. This shot of yours is proof positive of that. You dont need to be high maintenance for a great shot. The best ones are right there in front of you and usually they really make you stop and think.

Seems like we have much in common as far as our likes in photography Carmi...this is a great pic.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love this one. I find myself leaning towards the screen to study it.

Simplicity is wonderful in more than geometry and photos. Simplicity of life is so freeing! Especially in todays world.

kenju said...

I usually go for things that have a bit more detail, Carmi. I guess it is the designer in me. But everything detailed has a basis - and this could be one. I do love the deep blue of the sky!

Mitey Mite said...

A Walden Pond effect? The simplest things are the most profound. And you do a great job of capturing that.

craziequeen said...

Stunning, my dear.

Why are we fascinated by all things plain? um - beauty easier to see in unfussy images? Without all the decoration the beauty can shine through?

Your roof corner looks like it was painted onto the sky - absolutely visually incredible. I couldn't take my eyes off this image.

Michele sent me to have a look at plain beauty.

Anonymous said...

That shade of blue is something else! You haven't touched it up at all have you?
Here from Michele's.

carmilevy said...

Not one iota, Dave. I believe Photoshopping a picture so that it looks significantly different than it did when it was first taken is a violation of the story that a photographer tries to tell.

I've tossed many pictures by the wayside over the years because I refuse to engage in heroic measures to "rescue" them. What you see here is what I shot then.

The blue sky in Florida, BTW, is icnredibly rich when shot at certain times of day, and in specific directions away from the direction of the sun. It's a very cool shade.

Mike said...

I think sometimes "simple" or "plain" things are more enjoyable because they seem slow and soothing. They are not hectic or jumbled.

Thanks for another interesting picture. Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

This shot is really wonderful, Carmi. Your photos just keep getting better and better! Honestly, I tend to look at the LESS simple things. But I NEED to look at life a little more like this. Maybe I could eliminate some of the clutter from my life if I streamlined a bit!

Hope you and yours have been well.

Anonymous said...

I love how blue the sky is against the white of the building.

I like simple things, life is too complicated at times so I delight in things that are uncluttered and clear.

Michele sent me to say hi.

Anonymous said...

wow! the sky is so blue! is it enhanced??

Everyone should be like you Carmi, and find the beauty in the everyday. I'm not just talking about architecture alone either. We are so rushed and fascinated by the technological world, and the advances of all things gadgety...but there is beauty in the simple. Quiet, nature, and photographs taken by an observing eye for example.
Well done

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me back!

Still loving how blue that sky is in your photograph :-) and the shadows on the roof make it look like it is jutting out from the 2D page.

I read all the comments adn I agree with you - even yhough I use a digital camera, what you see is what I shoot. It seems like cheating otherwise!

Anonymous said...

That blue sky is amazing...I love Florida! I am glad to hear that you don't do major overhauls on your pics. They are great the way are originally taken! I occasionally use sepia tones and black and whites because I love the looks of those tones!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Like you, Carmi, I think a picture should reflect what the photographer actually see's, but I must say that occassonally, if a picture is really dark, I like to see what it looks like 'lightened', you know? This would not be one of them...(lol)
Beautiful picture...It almost has an 'art deco' feel to it, as so many buildings in Florida have now and used to have years ago, too....! I too, love simplicity, though complexitity has it's fascination, too...So much depends on the "moment" for me...but certainly the simplicity of nature is something I hold very very high and seem to be attracted to.

Anonymous said...

I guess you've noticed that I don't check in to comment very often (although you're Bloglined and I read your posts every day). I like to have something to say. This picture just called to me, though...simplicity and beauty all in one shot. I believe that less is more (you couldn't tell it to look at my house, though)...and the colors you captured are wondrous :) I'm about ready to go back to Florida myself...I need a vacation ;) :)

David Edward said...

News flash: this picture reverses
the brown becomes a floor and the white are baseboards, and the cool blue walls! whoah!

Anonymous said...

The color of the sky is amazing - I like how the clean, white line of the roof looks so stark against the sky.

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the bluest blue I've ever seen. Very nice,

back from Michele's,


Anonymous said...

Stunning! What a beautiful shot. I think we're often afraid of simplicity the way some people are afraid of silence and try to fill every moment with sound. Somehow, we think that the more complexity we add to life, the richer it becomes. But when we stop and look at what's already there, the plain white against the plain blue with no embellishments, we realize that the richness of the color and contrast is enough, in and of itself.