Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cover me

Deerfield Beach, Florida, January 2007 [Click to open further]

Umbrellas shield us from the rain, from the sun, or simply from prying eyes. Whatever they're protecting us from, they can represent interesting studies in geometry and color if you take the time to stare at them.

As you've likely figured out by now, I stared at this one for just long enough. What first presented itself as a compositional exercise in predictability became anything but when I noticed the runny ink at the apex. Imperfect perfection: it's a theme that should crop up in a few other pictures of mine in the days to come. Stay tuned...

Your turn: What's protecting you?


Anonymous said...

My faith
My husband
My amition
My passion
My daughter
My house
oh, and my utterly cool golf umbrella that I got when I worked at Ameriprise.


Hey, I wrote a post to answer your question on my mom's health. The short version: She's doing well and planning a visit to us soon.

Hope you had a lovely weekend with the kids, Carmi.

Anonymous said...

MY SAVIOR...for sure! Despite me, He is in charge! I like think of myself as an imperfection of perfection....saved by grace alone. Imperfect flesh...made perfect by Him :) Nice wording. I like it!

OK, Carmi this is my favorite pic from the beach know I think they are all good but when I checked this a 6 am London time (UK) it totally brightened my day.

Thanks so much for that!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Who protects me?

My husband. My values. My family. I feel safe.

Anonymous said...

Not much at the moment, but I'm looking to change that!

I guess, right now, my protection is my ability to read people, my sense of 'right', and my ability to believe in my root philosophies.

I know that sounds vague, but it's working for me so far!

Anonymous said...

The feeling that I am loved and that I belong......that I matter......AND that I play a key role in the love and belonging protection of my family, friends and co-workers.

Anonymous said...

His arms.

Snaggle Tooth said...

My resolve