Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reflective father and son

Us, exponential
Lake Worth, Florida, December 2006

This little pizza restaurant just across the street from the beach was very good to us: Great food that made the kids happy, and a great set of opposing-wall mirrors that allowed me to handhold this image just before we headed back to the beach.

I've played with mirrors before. Click here, here and here for earlier examples of the optical games I play when the shiny surfaces line up just so.

I love this picture because it is yet another glimpse of yet another magical moment I got to spend with one of our children. I guess I'm just a really lucky person.

Your turn: Do you do mirrors with your camera? Why?

Note from the road: I'm blogging this wirelessly from the hotel lobby in Framingham, MA, which is a town west of Boston. I took some rather unconventional pictures on the way here. The most interesting ones involve a jumbo jet, water, and a gigantic window. I look forward to sharing them with you upon my return.


Anonymous said...

How can you not at some point use a mirror(s)? There are so many interesting things that are going on in a shot like that your possibilities are endless. Good to see that you still have a very willing subject...that always helps!

Can't wait to see your new pics. My new camera is arriving on a flight in the am with my better half. What will I shoot first??? :) SO MANY DECISIONS...I AM SO EXCITED!

Thanks for everything! Travel safe.

Spikey1 said...

Nice! Well I am not a photographer like you but I will send you a shot that I did last Nov while down in Florida sitting on my balcony watching the sun rise at 6am. I used the reflection of the door. Let me know your impressions.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

lol, i can barely use my camera let alone try a mirror pic!!!
i love the top portion of that pic, the way the mirrow is reflecting, wow!

Anonymous said...

amazing shot!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this one, Carmi. Very nice use of the reflections. And welcome to New England. Framingham isn't too very far from my home in CT. Enjoy the trip!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic Carmi. Your son looks like a bundle of fun. Bet he thinks a lot of his dad.

I'm with Anna....let's see those pictures you mentioned! A jumbo jet, water and a big window - hmmmmm.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've been there many times, mostly to the stores n restaurants along Route 9. Also had a pal who graduated from Framingham State College. I grew up a few more cities East of there, 15 minutes Metro-West of Boston.

I haven't posted mirror shots yet, (recently put up 3 '07 beach shots) past did some selfs, glass-door reflections, n more back in Uni photo class.

Great shot! I love the warped looking space. Safe home-

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Carmi! I like seeing you in one for a change. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes last week!

See you again soon.

Anonymous said...

What a cool shot, Carmi. Very clever. I'm afraid I've never used mirrors when I"m shooting photos.
Hope Boston was good to you.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH this one is frameable and gallery worthy.