Saturday, May 12, 2007

Confirmist crayons

London, ON, April 2007 [Click to enlarge]

Quick note, not quite from the road: I'm home. Got back late last evening to an unbelievably happy brood. They waited for me at the airport and barely let me get through the door to the baggage claim area before engulfing me with hugs. Life is good.

I'm exhausted beyond words. Airplanes are lousy places to sleep. Every time I was about to nod off, we'd hit another pocket of turbulence that would jar me awake. Add in the folks walking up and down the aisles, the never-ending PA announcements and the general thrum of the four CFM56 engines on our Airbus A340 (oops, sorry) and I'm lucky if I got 90 minutes of zees over the entire 14-hour flight. Oh well, I'm making up for that now!

I have a monumental pile of pictures and videos to go through before I start packaging and uploading the results to the blog and accompanying Flickr site. Please have patience: it'll take me a bit of time to work through it all, but I'll do my best to get the ball rolling with some initial views over the next couple of days.

I like restaurants that give crayons to our kids. It's a little thing, but it keeps them occupied while we wait for our meals to arrive.

Although I liked the symmetry of this image, I was challenged by low light levels and a lack of a tripod. Still, I handheld it and managed to bring home a composition that sticks in my mind for its stark simplicity and texture. The label on the crayons makes the picture a keeper, and ties nicely to the place I've just been.

Your turn: The importance of color in your life. Please discuss.


Anonymous said...

My dad traveled a lot on business when I was a child, and I have vivid memories of waiting for him with my siblings at the airport and all of us being so excited to have him home. I'm sure yours was a great reunion. Can't wait to see more of your photos!

Anonymous said...

I love restaurants that give out crayons, too, kids or no kids! I like to draw and color as much as any 5 year old, and if there's a 5 year old along to giggle at my drawing and then scribble over them, so much the better.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for the compliment! Your blog looks like my kind o' place, so I'll be back.

Nikita said...

Colour is fantastic. My bedroom itself is orange and pink and the walls are plastered with pictures and quotes and things which just brighten up my world.
I love to colour also; my 7yr sister now scorns me for my Strawberry Shortcake activity book, dismissing it as 'babyish'. Really, I think she's just jealous...

craziequeen said...

You remember the film Mask? When Rocky Dennis went to Summer Camp and met a beautiful blind girl....
She told him she had no concept of 'colour', so he worked out a way of expressing colour without the luxury of sight.
Hot pebbles were red, cotton wool was white etc.....

Being able to see and to be able to relish in colours as bold and beautiful as you have portrayed in your pictures is a gift we all take for granted.

btw - it's a given that your children would be thrilled to see Daddy again :-)


talj said...

Love the way the crayons say 'conforms' on the sided...interesting! Glad you are home safe and I am sure your family are glad to have you back :o)

The last long haul flight I had was from London, UK to California...about 10 hours but just 3 months before this particular flight I had been diagnosed with blood clots in my left leg...I spent the 10 hour flight pacing the aisles and entertaining the airhostesses with tales from my troubled life! But hey, on the plus side...they kept making me drinks and leaving food for me at their 'station' in the middle of the plane! :o)

Enjoy your weekend :o)

kenju said...

I always enjoy restaurants that pass out crayons, especially if they have paper tablecloths, and I always leave them a drawing or two. Color is the most important thing! Even though I wear black a lot )or bl&wh) I love to live in places awash with color. The world would be a decidedle different plce without it!

Welcome home, Carmi, I am glad you landed safely. Michele sent me to say that.

craziequeen said...

Hey sweetie - Michele sent me back to say WELCOME HOME CARMI!!

Oh, and I have waded through the Bloggers Choice sign-in to vote for my dear friend :-)


Anna said...

Is there life with out color? Thumbs up to the restaurants with crayons....and I am with kenju....the paper tablecloths make all the difference!

Glad your back and cant wait to see your images from your trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Although I always tell my family not to meet me at the HKG arrival hall, there's something irresistible about being greeted and showered with hugs upon arrival. Something about the close bondage in my family that I wish to flaunt, to invite jealousy. Maybe I've gone too far but airport greeting, like the airport farewell, is always spiced up with the fuzzy and tender feeling.

Glad you're home!

Shephard said...

I love the texture under the crayons... that and the stars on the crayons caught my attention right away.

The importance of color in my life is immeasurable. I was the kid who colored every single page in every colorbook I ever had. Color infuses my life, revitalizes and sooths and supports. I would be grey without it.


Margaret said...

I'm with Dew--I like the restaurants that give out crayons even when there are zero kids in your group!


Green is my Sweetheart's favorite--good thing to know

Blue--my sister's favorite and one of the only colors that my brother-in-law (who is color blind) can see

Garnet and Gold--my favorite college football team

Orange and blue--colors of my hated college football rival

Teal--theme color of the hospital I worked for 10 years (and thus the color of many t-shirts, tote bags, and mugs given to me)

Purple is my favorite--for many reasons

Red--the color most people call my hair

Gold--the color my father calls my hair

That's all I can come up with off the top of my head, but obviously, there are many ways that color has emotional meaning to me.

Thanks for the post--glad you are safely home from your travels!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Color IS my life, along with music...! I LOVE Color...ALL colors...I have never met a color I didn't like! And the variations and gradations....Yummmmmmm!

I must say I am unfamiliar with these crayons...If it isn't "crayola" it's not a crayon...(lol) if you know what I mean....!

Can't wait to see your images from your trip Carmi...I know they will astoubd us!

Here from Michele today, my dear!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. I have missed a lot of your posts recently because of my hectic life. Frasier looks so happy, you are all so lucky to have each other. I look forward to seeing your pictures of your trip. I will catch up on all your backposts soon.

We had a steak house in Johannesburg South Africa that used to have paper table cloths and they supplied wax crayons so that you could draw on them LOL. They served the best steaks ever!!!

Hope you are rested and have a great Sunday.


kenju said...

Michele sent me back to see if you had posted all your pics yet, Carmi......LOL!

scrappintwinmom said...

I usually bring our own crayons - just in case. Love the pic. And as for your question...I try to surround myself with colors that make me happy - or at least, scrapbook with them.

Why do Canadians call colored pencils "pencil crayons" anyway...just wondering.

Sounds like you had a great trip - welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

We collect the crayons from anyplace that gives em out. I have a big container full and I never have to buy them :)

Happy Mother's Day.


David Edward said...

are the crayons appetizers, or for something more fun?

longspider said...

Carmi - I've enjoyed following your reflections on your recent trip - welcome back, and I'll chime in with everyone else who says they can't wait to see your pics!

Color is what gives life values... the constrasting hues and saturation levels give depth and richness. Life is nuanced, not black and white (as much as I can enjoy a b/w photo). A polychromatic life is so much more interesting than a simplistic monochromatic outlook!

Rainbow dreams said...

colour is very important - it effects how I feel and can change the appearance of so much...making me look at things in a different light - just as light can do come to think of it....
plus it's fun to play with, good to see you back safe, Katie

Michael said...

cool picture.

Take Care

CG said...

Colour can improve my mood no end...although sometimes I'm in the mood for black and white. These crayons remind me of my friend talj; who loves to colour in when she's stressed!