Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going postal

When light does its dance
Toronto, ON, January 2009
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When you're early for a meeting in a faraway city and you've got a bit of extra time on your hands, it's only natural to want to pull out your camera and grab a few frames. Never mind that the temperature's cold enough to turn your fingers white: There's a certain appeal to shooting in the crisp, clear air that results.

Two things that I remember about this rather frigid moment:
  • Architecture was a lot nicer way back when. I'm sorry more examples like this haven't survived through time.
  • Surprises - especially pleasant ones like this delightfully reflected light - can happen any time. We need to keep our eyes open as a result.
Your turn: Something you didn't expect to see while on a trip. Please discuss.


kenju said...

You are surely right about the architecture way back when. Too bad this continent hasn't revered it the way Europe has.

Gallow said...

Great tips. It was slightly overcast and gloomy here when I had a chance to go out and shoot. It was beautiful this morning when I was on my way with my son to an open house at a college. (I think this must be part of Murphy's law for photographers)

Great photo, of a great building.

invisible said...

Things I don't expect to see on a trip?
In the Canadian Rockies,While on a walk in a spring meadow first thing in the morning, a rainbow came over the mountains.....
No, that's not the unexpected part.

The unexpected part was the portal to Hell opening up from the ground, and zombies and evil minions emerging to feast on the flesh of the living.

Now THAT'S unexpected.
Luckily I had a can of demon-be-gone with me,... (the Mrs. told me not to bring it, but hey, you never know.).. And I let 'em have it.
Didn't even spill my coffee.

Mojo said...

Oh, you just gave me an idea for the perfect shot for the upcoming Shutterday theme (The Post/Mail). Thanks!

Of course, my shot of the downtown post office does not feature exquisitely reflected golden light dancing across the facade. (Which makes me wonder what's reflecting it. A fountain perhaps?) And since it was shot in the harsh light of mid-day, I would probably be well advised to go back for Take 2. But I'd borrow this one if it wouldn't be cheating ;)

When my son and I stopped off in Lake Placid, NY in the middle of August we knew we'd be visiting an ice rink to pay homage to the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. We expected to be refreshed by the chill of the rink, but we did not expect to see snow. Not in August. Not even in Lake Placid.

Thematic Photographic 75: "Travel" v.5.0 - Cold War Battlefield

Unknown said...

Carmi: Tanya sent me! But always a pleasure to see what you are up to! In the U.S., the buildings created during the Great Depression had strength, imagination and character! This photo reminded me of that.

christina said...

Great picture of this elegant building!!

Ratty said...

It's my weekly trips to Rome (my capital) to depress me the most, I should say... People all over the world talk about it as if it was such a wonderful city - and probably it is, historically speaking - but when we come to terms with its incivilty, the rudeness of people, the areas of poverty and the speculation, then it becomes a sad place... one that I'd rather not visit at all. Sadly...

- Ratty

P.S. Would you like to become part of each other's blogrolls? I would love to be net friends; your blog is really worth of it, not like many other nonsenses around here :) Please let me know. Thanks.

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