Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caption This 139

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New York, NY, November 2009

About this photo: This picture supports this week's Thematic Photographic theme, buildings. Click here to dive in.
The scene, earlier this month: My son and I are walking up New York's 5th Avenue. As we pass the New York Public Library, we notice the somewhat odd spectacle of a guy in minimal superhero-like garb, pacing rather anxiously atop the broad staircase that defines the building's entranceway. The steps are a beehive of activity on this crisp, brilliantly sunny Saturday afternoon, and only a few people bother to watch this guy.

Zach and I stop and wonder what his deal is. Street performer? Narcissist? Disturbed individual? Combination of the three? Either way, we conclude it's too cold to be outside wearing so little. We mull over the spectacle for a few minutes before we continue on our way, another indelible New York Minute in a day that seems full of them.

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About last week's photo of a pedestrian crosswalk signal: No one ever wants to be out of time, especially with three lanes of cars waiting to turn you into an urbanized pancake. Mel Fraase takes it with "Saved by zero."

If you haven't yet met her, Mel is a professional photographer, wife and mom whose work will utterly blow you away. She doesn't simply take pictures: She tells life stories through her lens. A definite must-visit.


colleen said...

All I got is: STONED. Whether it's the building or the guy.

I hope you and your family are well, Carmi. Netchick sent me.

AussiePomm said...

What about "Body Builder"?

Thanks for another great CT!

Hilary said...

I don't have a caption for you but I think this is your guy...

Mel Fraase said...

Oh, *blush*, thank you so much Carmi, you are too kind. I appreciate it!
Really neat shot, I think I always say that about your photos, but its true. Here's my two cents this week:
"Wrestling with Knowledge"

Have a good one, and thanks again!!

Mojo said...

My first thought:

"Everything's been hit by inflation. It's no longer possible to simply lose one's shirt in the market. The pants and jacket have to go too."

Catherine said...

I don't have a caption, but you sure raised my curiosity about the subject of your photo - I think Hilary has solved the riddle

Christine Gram said...

I notice he is holding a book... maybe he dashed out the door to return it and forgot a few other things. I think a good caption would be:


Jean said...

Love Christine Gram's comment & the caption :D

Will be back to post my own thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!

"You Gotta Love New York!"

"Book'im Danno!"

"He lost the Bet."


Gallow said...

Oh Sh*t, I've been sleepwalking again.

invisible said...

If you have seen "The Naked Cowboy" who wanders around N.Y. in his underwear, playing guitar, then you might realize that this is his nemesis, " Captain Underpants"
They have a battle to see who will wear the crown (metaphorically speaking) of Mr. Gitch.

Pamela said...

The library Card

Pamela said...

a Flyleaf short of a Booking

Pamela said...

speedo reader

Pamela said...

Self Publishing

Pamela said...

don't judge a book by its cover

Anonymous said...

Freddie Mercury researching for his newest song

(although I have to say that "speedo reader" is my favorite so far)

Anne said...

Do these pants make me look smart?

I really need to get this book back before they close.

momemts in time said...


"This is the last job I take from that agency"

"It must be dress down Friday"

NYPD new summer uniform

Anonymous said...

I got the following flyer from the Naked Author on a recent visit to NYC:

Naked Author – Jason W. Mitchiner

My ancestors that I have written about in my books, Full Moon Rising, Red Sea Divided, A Fallen King, all fought and suffered pursuing their dreams; just as I am doing now as I try to become a
Great American Author.

I am the Naked Author- Jason W. Mitchiner and no one knows about me or my books. I, too, am fighting and suffering for my dreams. You can follow my adventures on and and you can buy my books on (under Jason Mitchiner). I am donating all royalties from book sales to a charity with the NYC Marathon that I will run in November with a copy of my latest book.
Thank you for your interest and support!