Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stars & Stripes Forever

Flag day
New York, NY, November 2009

I wanted to share one last travel-themed moment before we go orange (check back at 7 p.m. for that.) Why? Because I came home from our lightning-quick visit to New York with hundreds of pictures and no idea how to efficiently share them all. Ideas welcome, btw.

Just before I took this shot, I was walking down Broadway doing my best to drink in what made this place such a global magnet of attention. I don't think I was ever able to really figure it out. On the surface, the buildings, stores and people look much like they do in any other major North American city. But look a little deeper and the combination of factors sets this place apart. The buildings are just a little bigger, just a little more architecturally fascinating and imposing on the streetscape. The people are just a bit harder edged and a bit more big-hearted - all at the same time. It's subtle, but enough to imprint itself on your soul.

The sum of the parts can't be found anywhere else. And even on a relatively quiet morning, you can close your eyes and feel the energy of this place. As I caught this total stranger sitting alone in a spot where everyone is typically on the move, I wondered what he was thinking. The moment-in-time quality of the scene almost compelled me to take the picture. So I did.

Your turn: So, what was this guy thinking?


yellojkt said...

Those are great candid shots.

I had two hours to kill on one trip to New York, so I just took pictures of people hanging around Duffy Square in Times Square. Here is the Flickr set of them.

Anonymous said...

He's thinking, "I wonder when those yahoos up in London are going to stop striking and get their butts back to work? Hmm... coffee's getting cold again."

Harry Cohen said...

Nice photo, Carmi. Maybe he was thinking of enlisting. I believe that's an armed forces recruiting office in the background.

I never felt much pull towards Times Square. Only went there if I had to (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade once, Toys 'R Us a lot). One of my favorite places was a block east at 42nd and 6th. Bryant Park, just an amazing place to hang out and chill. Free Wi FI too! Beautiful in the summer, free skating in the winter!

Yellojkt, the firm my wife worked for designed the TKTS building/steps. My wife worked on the interiors of the corporate offices.

Suburban Girl said...

It is a great shot, the man sitting turns it into a reflective shot.