Sunday, November 08, 2009

Red meat

Montreal smoked meat...not quite a breakfast of champions
Laval, QC, August 2009

About this photo: It's all-things-red week as Thematic Photographic celebrates the happiest color ever. Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Click here and all will be explained. But first, we eat.
Like many cities, Montreal is home to a number of foods that define its very soul. In some cases - bagels, for instance - they're fairly neutral from a health perspective. In others - exhibit A being the sandwich I've shared here or the hideously famous poutine - they ought to come with their own cardiologist.

I have a weak spot for smoked meat. I know it'll kill me eventually, but I can't say no if it's on the menu. I figure I'll do an extra few kilometers on the bike tomorrow to compensate. Or call a cardiologist and make an appointment.

Either way, it's a seemingly small thing that adds just a little more zing to our time on this planet. Seen from that perspective, maybe it's not so unhealthy after all.

Your turn: Things that we should avoid, but don't. Please discuss.


Anonymous said...


Homer Simpson

Chris said...

I try to be healthy, but I'd rather knock a few years off my life than live to be 150 by giving up everything I enjoy.

Everything in moderation, including dietary vigilante-ism!

Hilary said...

Real Montreal smoked meat... and bagels! That makes me SO homesick

awareness said...

It's counteracted by the happiness one feels when biting into a Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

ps. I should not have looked at this post before dinner!

invisible said...

A "red" theme and no Ferrari?


A "red" theme and no Ann Margret?

For Shame!

A " red" theme and no licorice

Grown up!

sage said...

I love the picture and am now hungry again... And yes, bring on the smoked meat!

Cloudia said...

Oh you make me long for a visit to Montreal, Carmi. Or perhaps just to a good deli LOL!

"Bad" for us but irresistable?

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Mojo said...

Let's face it, nobody here gets out alive. And what's the point of hanging around for a lot of years if everything we enjoy we have to give up? (I just noticed Chris said roughly the same thing.)

I firmly believe that giving up everything you like -- and the stress thereby induced -- will worry you into an early grave.

And frankly? I plan on driving the wheels off this body because I'll never get anything out of it in trade.

Meanwhile, I'll offer this zero calorie feast -- for the eyes.
Thematic Photographic 74: "Red" v.5.0 - Redhead

David Edward said...

give me red meat AND give me liberty.
To not have freedom of menu choices is culinary servitude...

PastormacsAnn said...

Wow! That's looks delicious. Now I'm feeling hungry.

Kay said...

off the topic of my own vices...I am vegan, and bagels...I can not eat them, ever since I learned they were the equivalent of consuming 5 pieces of bread... ugh...too bad every other area of my life is not as influential as the 'foodie' of eating fresh rainbows everyday... your fun, I like you.

rashbre said...

...but thats surely not breakfast? it?....I'm confused...