Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pieces of orange

ET would be proud
London, ON, November 2009 [Click photo to enlarge]

About this photo: We're celebrating all things orange all week long. With any luck, you'll be celebrating, too. Head here for more.
My wife knows "the look" almost before I finish making it. When something catches my eye, I furrow my brow and begin looking at it from all angles, often involving my hands to help the composition along. Before long, the camera comes out. She's used to it by now, and thank goodness accepts me for the flawed individual that I am.

So while chatting with my mom on the phone in the kitchen one bright afternoon, she barely batted an eyelash when I started removing the yellow and brown Reese's Pieces from the pile. With a slightly exasperated smile in her voice, she told my mom I was at it again, and then continued with their conversation.

Another moment in another day. And somehow she helped make it more memorable to me than just another closeup picture of junk food. How does she do that?

Your turn: My next foodie pic should be...?


Gallow said...

I keep thinking of the Syracuse Orangemen. I live near Syracuse, but won't be there this week. Hopefully I'll be there next week. If my son's football team wins this week, next week they'll be in the Carrier Dome competing for the State Football Title.

Anonymous said...

Aside from being able to separate the coloured reeses, being a talent that would make you eligible to be a roadie for a rock band, the next food picture should be roadkill.
Well that's a food group in Kentucky.
Orange roadkill?
It is if you run 'em over just right.

Cletus Gooberhead
Cousinlove Kentucky

Mojo said...

Since I'm a little late getting around to this one, I already know what your next foodie pic will be. Or at least the next one you'll publish. Orange should be the official color of Reese's Pieces anyway since it's that bright orange wrapper that jumps out at you from the impulse buy displays at the supermarket.

As for "how she does it" I think probably it doesn't matter "how". she does it, and that's the important thing. Maybe the only thing as important is that you recognize it and appreciate it.

How many couples can make that claim after this much time, eh? Not.very.many.

And of course I have a couple of new entries for the theme (What, you're surprised? Didn't think so.)

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