Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Intersecting strands of life

The differences that join us
London, ON, October 2009

There's symbolism in this forlorn duet of ivy*. I'm not entirely sure precisely what that symbolism might be, but I'm sure one of my beloved readers can help us figure it out. Anyone? Bueller?

*I've been down this stringy road before: here, here and here.


Mojo said...

Why diversity of course! Life in all its many shades, crossing paths peaceably... Okay, maybe it's the symbol for a pipe dream. It's still a compelling photo.

I wasn't nearly so existential in my final Leaves entry. But wetter.

Thematic Photographic 73: "Leaves" v.7.0 - Hosta la Vista Baby

David Edward said...

is this possibly Boston Ivy? if so nothing from massachoosettssss makes any sense

Rinkly Rimes said...

May I put this poem with your illustration on my blog?

Brief Entwining.

Some lives touch briefly before they part
But leave a mark upon each heart.
The ways diverge, the paths go on
Before we know it, the meeting's gone.
And yet, in future years we brood,
When we are in nostalgic mood,
On what there might, maybe, have been
Had we stayed longer on the scene
Or followed-up or sent a card,
And we feel life is slightly marred
Because we didn't cling and stay
But waved goodbye and walked away.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Reminds me of the great tapestry of life. Our lives constantly cross and intersect with one another, sometimes blooming, other times paths grow cold but the mark remains. I'm with Mojo - it's a very compelling photo. :)


kenju said...

I like Mojo's answer.

Gallow said...

I've tried to come up with something, and I've got nothing. I have a little tiny brain lodged in my head, and it hurts.

Each time I look at it I keep thinking of Robert Frost's, "The Road Not Taken."