Friday, January 07, 2011

Bearded television

Wanted to share a couple of recent TV interviews I've done. Not because they'll make the planet spin any faster or slower, but because they were fun to do. Both of them were on CTV News Channel, which is a national 24-hour news station here in Canada.

Today's hit was my first one with Power Play. this political show, hosted by veteran journalist Don Martin, is based out of Canada's capital, Ottawa, and is a regular stop for ministers, members of parliament and other top political types. It was a thrill to be able to join in. Today's topic was Twitter and Politics, and I was on with Stephen Taylor, director of the National Citizens Coalition and an eminent conservative blogger.

The video is here.

On New Year's Eve, I spoke with Christine Bentley about how easy it is for hackers to listen in on conversations on GSM-based cell phones. The neat thing: I was in Florida at the time, and given the fact that I had stuffed my suitcase exclusively with t-shirts and shorts - and, possibly, a pair of slippers, though I'll never publicly admit it - had nothing remotely like a jacket, tie or even a dress shirt. Oh, and my face had about 2 weeks worth of beard on it.

So rather than shave and run out to a store, I trimmed a little to make it look less ratty, ironed my best Hawaiian shirt, fired up my uncle's iMac and chatted live via Skype from his home office. Gotta love technology.

Here's the video for the earlier hit.

Your turn: Should I keep the beard?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Hell yeah! keep the beard.. u look so like a seasoned journalist out in the trenches... :-)

Rebecca said...

very cool thanks for sharing

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Love the beard; but I am partial to men with beards. My husband has had one for most of our 34 yrs (as of yesterday) of marriage. I've never watched one of your broadcasts before you looked great. I think the beard makes you look more mature, without making you look older, than your pictures look. Keep it if you can
Johnina :^A

Ankita Sarkar said...
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Ankita Sarkar said...
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Ankita Sarkar said...

No don't keep it. I haven't seen how you look but I personally think beards suck. So I'd advise you not to keep it. Plus... OMG I just saw the video you look like a terrorist! The beard is a bad, bad combo with your big eyes! Nooooo! Don't keep it!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

@Ankita: whoa, isn't that a bit of a harsh statement? a TERRORIST??

fredamans said...

Lose the beard, sorry Carmi. You look better without it.
Better yet, ask your wife if she likes it or not, then decide. Our opinion is menial.

Anonymous said...

I will refrain from offering my own opinion, but I will "second" what Fredamans has written. It's the wife's prerogative and ultimately only her opinion matters.