Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you bend light?

West Palm Beach, FL, December 2010

I may not be able to bend light, but that doesn't mean I won't elbow someone else's bratty kids out of the way so I can grab this image of a science museum exhibit.

Okay, I didn't elbow anyone. I'm Canadian, and we're way too polite to ever behave in that manner. Rather, I waited patiently for the bratty kids to ADHD their way to the next display - "ooh look, over there...shiny!" - before taking out my camera and having some fun in the almost-dark. It was a quick, improvised shot that probably shouldn't have turned out remotely decent. But I was having a good day in a cool place with my wife and kids, and somehow I got a little lucky.

Sometimes, this camera thing can be a kick.

Your turn: How do you shoot in crowds without getting everyone else's elbows - or worse - in the frame?

One more thing: This photo supports the latest Thematic theme, curves. It's nowhere near too late to share your own, so click here and have fun with it.


that guy said...

usually i do not take pics in the crows, but when i have to i just take a bunch of shots and hope one turns out!

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

I don't take pictures in crowds, I get too frustrated... If I really want 'that' shot, I will stand off to the side or stand on top of something to avoid the endless heads, arms..

Anonymous said...

I 'crowdsource', in my own way. I use the camera to capture people doing what they do (including crowding) and grab the moment with all its inherent, messy action.

It often takes tens of photos to get one that's remotely close to what I was reaching for, but that's part of the challenge.

One of my favorite shots is one I took of a little boy, plastered to a fence, watching a baseball game. The photo I thought I wanted was inside the fence, but in truth, the real picture was the engrossed look on the little guy's face.

Magic is where you find it. You definitely found it with this light-bending shot. Well done!

Trudi said...

Very nice picture. I usually don't take pictures in crowds either. But on the rare occasion I do, I just wait patiently.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Wonderful shot- I love surprise photos like that. I have something of an advantage when it comes to crowds in that being handicapped I rent a wheelchair. You get treated differently in a wheelchair, people move away railings, keep a gap between them and you, and if you do ask them to move they are nice not nasty. However I have found that talking with those around you to be the best method, I carry info cards with me with my blog on it, and since I'm on their level I quite often show kids what I see through my lenses and with my camera set on telephoto they are fascinated. with that friendly contact they are glad to get out of my way, some even volunteer. I also love to take picture of the crowd and the different reactions to what is going on (remember the movie 'Sabrina')
Johnina :^A

21 Wits said...

What a great photo really shines! I agree with Titanium and later I realize the better shot was what I caught, instead of what I was looking for...but there are times that I will wait out the crowds to get the shot I want..and there have been a few times the crowd gets that I don't want them part of my photo and they move on! But I also am very respectful to other camera shot hungry souls and I move on.

Unknown said...

My experiences have not been all that good in crowds. I try to just wait for an opportunity for the people in the crowd to part ways.

VanityofVanities said...

"Can you bend light?"

Nope I can't bend light, but I can absolutely bend a pencil in a glass, but actually didn't bend it.haha. Love this photo.

Thanks for sharing,
Cathy@blood pressure tester