Saturday, January 01, 2011

A psychedelic start to the new year

Light me up
Richmond Hill, ON

February 2010

About this photo: We're sharing our favorite photos of the year for, oh, the next kajillion days. Actually, it's till January 6th, but who's counting? We call it Thematic Photographic, and you can play along, too, by pointing your mouse this way.
I don't have a whole lot of advice to give new photographers beyond this: Always keep your eyes and your mind open.

That's because you never know where an idea will come from. And if you're not open to the possibilities, you'll miss 'em when they zing past. But where do you look? Not where you'd normally expect. I can reliably confirm that the biggest ideas always seem to come out of nowhere, from the shadowy corners of the day that no one else seems to recognize.

So as we start 2011 off with colors and light, I hope you'll keep in mind that the coming year will offer up its fair share of out-of-left-field moments. Are you ready for them?

Your turn: No, really. Are you?


Rebecca said...

what a gorgeous picture i love the light

fredamans said...

Very cool. It looks like a neon marble!
Here is another set of best of shots;

mmp said... to check out my shadowy corners then!

A Paperback Writer said...

I don't know what that is in your picture, but it looks spiffy.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! What is it?!?

I do enjoy the challenges and your photographs. Sometimes I even play along. ;)
With my oldest son home for a few weeks, I focused attention where it needed to be: on family. I have plenty of photos to share, but they tend to sit patiently (and ignored) in a dusty digital folder.

Anonymous said...

Those are the waking moments- those shadowy, left-field, brain benders that sneak up silently, unannounced, and leave handprints on your soul.

I don't know if we're ever completely ready for them. That's part of the magic. Living out loud, mindfully, completely and utterly committed to being surprised by joy- I can say that I may not be ready, but I'm anticipating all that the year will bring.

Thanks for bringing this insight, this cogency to the universe of inspiration.