Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New York, New York. Sort of.

Scrape the scaled sky
Boca Raton, FL, December 2009
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A foam puzzle reproduction of a pre-9/11 New York City skyline will always attract at least a sliver of attention. In southern Florida, however, it'll stop you in your tracks. Well, it stopped me, anyway. I guess I still feel a little sad every time I see anything with the twin towers in it - even if it's no taller than our youngest child, and might tip over if I turn the fan just far enough.

My morose sense of nostalgia notwithstanding, chops to the owners of this delightful deli (Ben's, which I wrote about here) who came up with this unique way to add something memorable to the experience of being here.

Some folks just get it.

Your turn: Small things that you remember from along the way. Please discuss.


Rebecca said...

beautiful picture and sad memories of what is no more

srp said...

Two small things... I pulled out pictures of the trip Nyssa and I took to NYC in 1995 and there was our picture at the Statue of Liberty... with the Twin Towers in the background.

And a small thing I should have expected but didn't, happened in the Rome airport. We were on the little bus that shuttles you to the airplane and baggage carts were speeding around us.. in front and behind and driving right in our path when a large bag fell off the cart just in front of us... our bus ran over it and the baggage guy never even stopped to come back for it. Later, back in Atlanta when our bag didn't make it... I knew the likely reason why. What sticks the most is the gasping sound every person on that bus made at the same time when the bag fell.

Unknown said...

Hi Carmi, It's been a while since I stopped by. You know. Life. That is an amazing picture there that you posted. I would like to see it up close and analyze it. I don't understand how it is put together. Being a former Tucsonan, I've just grieved through my own location-ladden tragedy. I'll forever think of my home city of fifteen years a bit differently as a result.

Jules~ said...

That is an amazing puzzle. It speaks to me of the memories of that day, the lives affected and also the amazing way humanity bonds together to bridge distances and support one another. That puzzle really took some creative thought and dedication.

Small things I remember along the way....instantly your question made me think of a day I had at the beach when I was little. When I went back to look at what I had written about it I found it was a post containing all sorts of memory snippets. Thank you for the memory walk.
Here is the link:

Blessings to you today.

21 Wits said...

I love these puzzles!...but also as a family tradition before my Dad passed family would pour over a puzzle every Sunday afternoon, while I cooked dinner....nothing better then the aroma of food to tempt you while we all would chit chat, putting a piece here and there...maybe take a break to throw the frisbee to the dogs...or fly one dad's remote planes....come back to the puzzle...listen to my dad's jokes....laugh.....just a small bunch of somethings that leave us feeling loved today!