Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jagged little tree

Laval, QC, November 2010

I originally wanted to share this photo as part of last week's "wet" theme. But in the middle of the wild week we had, it ended up getting lost in the drafts pile. So I'm calling it a far from home pic. Here's why:

I took this photo around the same time that I shot this one. The light was fading, and I was walking, quickly and alone, along the shore of the near-silent tributary, looking for inspiration before night closed in for good.

I had come here to visit a childhood friend who had just lost his mom. I was staying with my own mom. Since she and my father moved here, I often walked these grounds, using the precious "alone time" to put our visits in perspective. Family can often be hard, so little breaks like this had become part of my away-from-home routine.

Now that my father's gone, these solitary walks by the water have taken on a different tone. He loved this place, and saw it as his mission to get all of his friends to move nearby. He loved these grounds, and always talked about what was going on here. To anyone else, it was an unremarkable stretch of land by the water. To him, it was a kingdom, with a narrative that unfolded every time he felt well enough to get on the phone.

So on this evening, I walked silently and thought about journeys - mine since childhood, my friend's after losing his last parent, my mother's now that she looks out her window at scenes like this, alone. I felt very separated from the things most precious to me - my wife and our kids - and felt a sudden chill at the prospect of being this far from them. I guess I needed a hug.

I couldn't come up with any bright-minded solution to banish any of the dark themes that now clouded my thoughts, but I thought this disjointed reflection on the water's surface summarized my feelings quite nicely.

Your turn: Where do you find quiet time? Why does it matter?


Alexia said...

Sending you a virtual hug, Carmi.

I find it easier to feel peaceful in natural surroundings - especially by the sea, which I have loved all my life. The sounds, the smell, the movement of the water - all make me feel good.

Awesome photo :)

Rebecca said...

riding my bike i take a 3mile ride daily when weather ermits and for me it's down time to relax and just be me no stress no worries

21 Wits said...

I find quiet time behind the wheel of my car, and going to several remote places, both near and far and funny thing all involve water, except for my favorite book stores. I need to this for putting things into perspective and for inspiration but also to be thankful that they exist!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

this picture of the trees reflecting on the water is awesome!

i reflect on my life...probably too often than is healthy...especially around holidays...or the birthdays of friends and family that have passed away. what i have done. and what i haven't. what's really important. and what isn't.

i go to take a deep breath...relax, and get passed this.

Ciera said...

Quiet time...what is that? lol

Probably those days when I'm sitting in the cafeteria at work waiting for the other hald to get done. I usually read.

Sometimes I'll go to bed early just to have quiet time too.

Kavi said...

Nature soothes. In all ways ! What a snap and what a thought !

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

As a mom, I often find quiet time in the bathroom! But I love going to the water or the mountains.

PastormacsAnn said...

There are nine people here in our modest-sized home, 2 adults, 1 semi-adult (well, she is 18) and 6 children ranging in age from 5 to 15. Quiet time is a hot commodity. I find it late late at night, when there is no one else awake but me and all I can hear is myself think and the deep contented sighs of the dog sleeping at my feet. I sacrifice sleep for this time (not always wisely so). Everyone needs a little time to oneself - but not too much.