Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dripping wet

The pause that refreshes
London, ON

February 2010

[Click photo to embiggen]
About this photo: It's curves week and you're invited to the curvy party. What the heck am I talking about? Click here and all will be explained.
You'll laugh if I tell you where I captured this photo. I will say that it reinforced my long-held belief that soul-stirring moments happen in the most surprising places, and you can't stop yourself from drinking them in just because people gather around you in a semi-circle and stare at you like you're nuts. Do it anyway and forget what anyone else thinks.

You know, the more I do this photo thing, the more I realize that the lessons I'm learning behind the lens pretty much apply on the other side, too. Learning about life by spending time with a Nikon: Who would have thought?

Your turn: What has photography taught you?


SY said...

I think it is true that we all have moments that vibrates in our soul. sometimes it comes just from witnessing something beautiful

Tabor said... I am really thirsty.

Somewhere round about said...

what has photography taught me?

* to be far less embarrassed than before

* to be more confident generally

* to find places to loose myself in

CorvusCorax12 said...

i love this picture... speaks to me

Josephine B. said...

Strangely, photography has taught me to take in more WITHOUT the camera. When I shoot I end up detaching from the subject and going into this "zone", so to really internalize something I look at things without a camera. I think the world is beautiful and charming whether it's photographed or not! And I wouldn't want to only find things beautiful if I saw them in a perfect photo....

Rebecca said...

that is a very cool picyure

Alexia said...

I'm learning to watch people and to look more closely at everything.

and also - that things don't have to fit the conventional definitions of "beautiful" or "interesting".

each of your photos teaches me something

sage said...

You always have good photos, but this is one of your best. What has photography taught me--good things come to those who wait.

I just posted in my blog, asking questions about technology gagets. As an electronic guru, I hope you stop by and offer advice.

Glennis said...

Aw!! aren't you going to tell?

fredamans said...

Photography has taught me to see things from all angles. Appreciate the odd, bleak and dreary... they make for great shots!

I'd guess the rain fell on a car and this was the effect you saw through your lens? Do tell. said...

I am so so so so so so ENVIOUS of this photo, love it!!!!