Monday, October 24, 2011

It's more than just green Jello to him

Little man's treat
Laval, QC, October 2011
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Jello is one of those foods that seems to have no purpose. It has no nutritional value. It's full of sugar - okay, it essentially is sugar. And it's quite possibly the most highly processed food you can find at the grocery store.

Yet our youngest son loves green Jello. And not just any green Jello: His bubby has to make it for him. I'm not quite sure how this all began - indeed, it doesn't really matter how a grandchild's connections begin...we're just privileged to have them at all - but it's become a must-have every time we visit. From the first moment he squirts through the door and hugs them hello, he's asking my mother-in-law if she's already made it, and if not, when she'll be doing so. He times how long it'll take to prepare, and makes sure he's around as she gets it ready.

Anyone else could easily make green Jello, but somehow it's not the same for him if it doesn't come from his bubby. Which is as appropriate a way as any to end this week's theme, as food is far more than something we simply eat. It's a touchstone of life that sticks with us long after the dishes have been cleared.

Your turn: Do you have a special food? Or a special food connection with a special someone?


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh my.
Green Jello is a standing joke in Utah, where we have the highest rate of Jello consumption in the world, and green is the best-selling color. When we hosted the Olympics in 2002, the hardest-to-find collectors' pin was the one with the green Jello on it.
Your son would feel right at home here.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

My maternal grandma taught me how to make mac and cheese from scratch... yep!... The best part was when she would let me put the sliced American cheese on top of the noodles!. I know u are cringing because of the American cheese vs. cheddar but hey- this is grandma's way.. she also cracked and whipped the eggs w/milk and poured it over the noodles before letting me lay the sliced cheese on top!.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Green Jello, you say?

Steve Gravano said...

I thought Twinkie's had less nutritional value that Jello. Don't they tell you to eat Jello after you have your tonsils removed? Last time I visited a hospital, they even served Jello as desert.

H said...

That is absolutely adorable! I love your son and his green jello obsession but personally can't stand the stuff.

I have a friend whose wife could not make Rice Krispie treats so every time they would come over I would make them for him and she would laugh. Eventually we discovered that it's all in the mallow (don't use a generic brand, go for the Kraft!), and now his daughters make them for him. It's still a joke with them though, almsot 20 years later.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 kinds of Jell-O in my fridge right now: the yellow, lemon, sugary kind and the green, lime, sugar-free version. The kids were quite excited! I've claimed the yellow as my own as I'm on a clear-liquids-only diet (non-red Jell-O allowed).

My husband's Gram on the farm would have sugar cookies in her cookie jar. I always think of her when I make them.