Sunday, October 30, 2011

Save me

Over my head
London, ON, August 2011

I've captured medical choppers before, but this is the first time I've pointed a lens at a Ornge (no, not a typo) bird since Ontario's air ambulance service began the transition from the Sikorsky S-76A to the new Augusta Westland AW139 helicopter. I'm just enough of an aero-geek that stuff like this excites me, as the Westland is kinda like the Porsche of the medium-lift chopper world.

Likely thanks to the funky composite rotors, they make a distinct sound, enough so that you just know something's up whenever you hear them. In fact, they're felt almost as much as they're heard, and living about 3 km as the crow flies from one of the helipad-equipped hospitals makes this a familiar sound in my neighborhood.

I hope I never need the services of one of these birds, but just knowing they're there brings me comfort. I stop whatever I'm doing whenever one flies over and I smile to myself.

Your turn: Things that bring you comfort. Please discuss. And for more metallica-themed goodness - either in the sky or at a somewhat less lofty altitude - click here.


Anonymous said...

Comfort? Hot tea on a cold day, a fire in the wood stove, warm sweatshirts and sweaters. Oh, and a car that works! (I'm the fool who left the key in the ignition in the "on" position on Saturday night.)

Bob Scotney said...

A fine picture of what looks like a flying bug with two large black eyes.
A'bird' that provides a vital service,

mmp said...

hammock or a deck chair and a blanket

( only not right now in our cold, rainy weather!)