Sunday, October 23, 2011

On chaos and change

"All great changes are preceded by chaos."
Deepak Chopra
As I scan the headlines screaming about debt crisis in Greece and the rest of the EU, revolution in Libya and the ongoing season of the Arab Spring, this quote seems to strike home. I wonder if everyone involved appreciates where all this could be taking us, and how much change awaits us in the process.

No one ever said life had to be easy. I guess that's what makes the eventual rewards so sweet. I guess that makes me a bit of an optimist.

Your turn: Do today's headlines frighten or encourage you? Why?


Dawn said...

So much is going on....and yet I feel as though I'm in my own bubble. I haven't fear...but don't like the unknown... and wonder if my own safety of a bubble will eventually pop.
I guess just a wondering....and contemplation. We all seem to be unable to stop what is going to be regardless of worry.

Unknown said...

I have mixed feelings, Carmi. I stay on top of the news. But it does wear down one's spirits at times. Where there is justice, I feel good. Where there is tragedy, I try to refocus on the positives elsewhere. The Middle East is a very tough place. Naturally, I wish true democracy will take root there. This is tempered with my wish for strong security and continued safety for all of us here in North America.

Cloudia said...

major changes dwarf and threaten individuals - whole classes of individuals- and only government can ameliorate these rapid changes. Too bad clever forces have made scared citizens fear their govts MORE than the corporations that are wreaking so much havoc with zero responsibility.

that clear it up, Carmi?

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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Cloudia said...

Yes, there does seem to be a feeling that it will all work out. . .

Jeff said...

I'm frightened and optimistic--but always have been. It is good to see a few of the world bad guys go, and also to see a challenge to some of the business leaders that have about bankrupt the world called on the carpet by the OWS... But change is always scary.

mmp said...

i used to believe everything that i read in a newspaper or geard on the tv

once i left home...set up on my own...and took stock....that stopped

i read and watch...but no longer totally believe everyting that i read or hear

i give it all Buffer Space in my brain and allow my mind to slowly evaluate what's going on...

that way is so much easier