Saturday, October 15, 2011

Touch the sky

Broadcast standard
London, ON, August 2011

London isn't exactly a city of towering skyscrapers. A sleepy southwestern Ontario burg surrounded by farmland and cow pastures isn't going to challenge for the planet's top metropolis anytime soon. But that's kinda the way we like it.

Being relatively small doesn't mean we don't have neat things going on in the sky, though. We get our fair share of hot air balloons floating overhead. And lots of migratory birds. And Diamond Aircraft planes. And we've got this, the third-tallest broadcast tower in the country. The very top is 1,030 feet above ground. I couldn't verify this, of course, but based on the intensity of the nausea I felt as I walked close to the base and looked waaaay up, I'm going to ask you to trust me regardless.

This remarkable piece of engineering is 50 years-old, and stands just out back of CTV London - my broadcast home away from home when I do interviews. I wanted to get a closer look to make sure it was good for at least another 50 years. Once again, my untrained eye says all looks well.

Your turn: What's the tallest thing near you? What's the appeal of looking up, anyway?

One more thing? What does this pic have to do with "triangular"? The angle of the shot makes it hard to tell, but this is a triangular-cross-section design. I know, such a thrill. If you're still feeling like sharing a triangle or two, head here. We're still at it.


Max Sartin said...

Love that photo!

Anonymous said...

Triangles are so strong! I bet this tower is indeed good to go for another 50 years.
We went hiking up a hillside at the edge of town today. Lack of time kept us from the final stretch, but there in the near distance were a series of towers much like this one (but of course, much shorter). I wanted to take time to photograph them; my husband was about to hide the camera. (The constant photo ops on hikes drives him crazy.)

mmp said...

totally loath heights


totally adore that shot

Our city is full of cranes, there's building going on all over the place. And I love it. I spend most of my time when in the city just wandering around and gazing up. Possibly a nightmare for those with me as I am invariably left two blocks behind, lost in a window frame, a stone edging, a piece of olld mucky glass or a new gap between an old and a new building.....

who would ever want to look at the pavement?