Saturday, October 01, 2011

Warning signs are everywhere

Reflective pattern
London, ON
September 2011
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I hate driving unnecessarily. I bought a car because the life we currently lead - kids, work, school, suburbia, the whole modern-family enchilada - almost requires it. I'm not happy about it, and would much rather ride my bike to get where I need to go.

But bikes don't work so well in the middle of a Canadian winter. Or on a sultry evening when you've got to show up at the studio looking minty fresh. Nor are they ideal for carting kids everywhere. Even if I tried, my wife would, ah, be very unhappy with me.

So I drive. Still, whenever we go somewhere, I give the route and the schedule some thought so I can avoid as much back-and-forth as possible. This sometimes means taking a laptop with me and spending an hour or two working in the parked car while I wait. Or, when I'm feeling a little less studious, I grab the camera and go for a walk.

This Sunday morning was a camera day. Munchkin had choir, so I grabbed the Nikon and went for a stroll on a nearby bike trail. The colors were just, just starting to turn, but I figured a bit of early-season exploration would get my head in the right space. I figured right, and ended up with some lovely autumnal pics. I'll share those in the days to come, and if you're looking for a hint for our next Thematic theme, you've just seen it. But I digress.

This shot is of something we whip by in our cars countless times per day, yet never even wonder what it might look like if we slowed down and walked right up to it for some quality one-on-one time. As I stared at the usually-invisible pattern, I resolved to spend more time slowing down and enjoying sights like these.

Your turn: How are you planning on slowing things down in the days, weeks and months to come?

One more thing: Where are my manners? Happy new month! I know it sounds a little odd, but since New Year's Day comes only once per year, I believe that marking the months can increase our celebratory fun by a factor of 12. Who's with me?


photowannabe said...

Happy New Month to you too.
Looking forward to you Fall photos.

kenju said...

As Old Horsetail Snake used to say....
Rabbit, the first of each month.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Actually I've been driving alot less all year- The price of fuel has made me walk n get the bike fixed up for many more errands.
My slow-down always takes place at sundown on Day Off by the water. Just a few minutes with only birds for company, n a cam of course. I never get sick of it!
Happy October! Enjoy that foliage-

Jeff said...

I slowed down for the past four months (hence, my other blog), now life is speeding back up. Like you, I do like to ride a bike to work but there are times like when it rains or in the winter or when I have to be dressed or when I have to go out to meet someone that it isn't practical.

dean said...

Wicked shot, Carmi. It has everything a good detail shot should have.