Monday, October 10, 2011

Reaching for the sky

London, ON
September 2011
About this photo: It's Thematic's autumn week, and everyone's invited (even you, Beav). Head over here to get your seasonal licks in before the new theme, triangular, launches tonight at 7:00 Eastern.
Like all seasons, autumn eventually comes to an end. And when it does, we're left with a stark landscape of bare branches and wide-open spaces. There's no canopy, no shade to cover the increasingly cold ground. Even the sound is different, as the wind no longer has leaves to rustle.

I don't say this to be negative. It is what it is, and how we perceive the end result - positively, negatively, or somewhere in between - is entirely our call.

"End result" may not represent ideal phrasing, mind you, as it'll all be changing yet again in just a few months. Which, in a certain way, is what makes the whole season thing such a kick. For all the familiarity each season seems to offer, there's enough variation along the way that we never quite know what we'll get the next time we look up.

Insofar as this tree is concerned, I'll come back to it over the next year or so, as I'm pretty sure it'll keep offering up enough variations in growth, lighting and mood to make it worth my photographic while.

Your turn: Seeing the same things, only differently. Please discuss.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I know for myself, it all depends on the mood I am in... whether I am happy, sad, mad... also how I am feeling physically.... I remember when I figured out why I had such a dislike for my MIL and when I figured it out, it hit me like a ton of bricks.. so much that I called a friend up and told her the reason and she was shocked... The discoveries I have made seem to pop up at the least expected and yes, I feel comforted in figuring it out and realizing why I feel the way I do... The 'hard' part is knowing where to go w/what I've learned and dealing with the changes whether they're good or bad changes.

Anonymous said...

It happens with human beings too. You think you know them when you have met them for the first time but by second meeting, you start disecting his/her character, your perspective of that person whom you think you know, changes with every meeting as you start comparing that person with your own expectations.

21 Wits said...

It happens all the time. Especially in remembering places you've shared with others....haven't you ever spoken with someone about a place or experience and you recall this and that, while the other person thinks, "were we really there together, I don't recall that but I remember this!" This happens with my children a lot. So for sure we can all see things differently depending too on what certain things mean to us. It's like those inkblot tests, those really show there are so many ways to see one thing!