Saturday, October 26, 2019

A quarter century of parenthood

Virtually connected
London & Dryden, ON
September 2019
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25 years ago, a little guy battled his way into the world and immediately turned us into parents.

His name was, and still is, Zachary Akiva Levy, but anyone who knows him calls him Zach. And if you know him, you love him.

He was a dream baby, a sweet munchkin who slept well and smiled at everyone he met. So easy a child was he that we rolled the dice and had his sister and brother, too. It all started with him, and our family's path turned for the richer the moment we first held him.

A lot can happen in 25 years, but he's still that chill, sweet, kind soul he's always been. And along the way he's built an adult life every parent would wish for their child. Married to his best friend, on a career path that challenges him, surrounded by a circle of friends and family. Throw in a couple of adorable cats who may or may not have escaped from a circus train and you have all the ingredients for a life well lived.

Where did all those years go? We're not entirely sure, but if we had to guess, it would revolve around enjoying the ride with him so much that we all just lost track of time.

Good kids tend to have that effect on us.

Happiest of birthdays, Zach. We all love you more than words can say, but I promise you we'll never stop sharing those words with you, anyway.

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