Sunday, October 20, 2019

Where I eat Smarties before an election

Yes, I eat the red ones last
London, ON
October 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Tomorrow is election day in Canada - #elxn43 - and Socialmediastan is filled with sometimes-copied-and-painted missives about why we need to vote.

Not gonna disagree. If you don't vote, in the ideal world you would be banned from commenting on it until the next election. Democracy works as well as it does because people show up. Don't show up? Try some spending some time in a place where basic human rights aren't as entrenched as they are here.

But jumping on the every-four-years bandwagon just because all your pals are doing it? Not my thing.

There. Rant over. Thanks for indulging me.

Sadly, this campaign has been ugly. Well, uglier than usual, with candidates more often than not spending more time and energy ripping into their opponents than explaining what they stand for. As the clock ticks down, the lies become more brazen, the memorized, repeated-ad-nauseum talking points less grounded in reality. It's hard to watch.

It's also antithetical to Canadian values. This isn't who we are, and I fear for our future if this is is our new baseline for national dialog. I fear this darkness is all-pervasive. It's too easy to submit to it and assume the world is becoming a meaner, more dangerous, less inspirational place.

So my answer is a simple one: Spontaneous photo shoots with assorted Smarties. Because everyone loves color and treats, especially if they're made of chocolate.

How do YOU stave off the darkness?

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