Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Forgotten red berry

Texture at our feet
London, ON
October 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I stare down at the ground a lot.

My balance was never all that good to begin with. It’s far worse ever since my little dance with the universe. I don’t stumble around like I’ve had 6 beers, but I do have to watch myself when I’m standing or walking, and I’m always aware of my less-than-perfect ability to remain vertical.

I say that not as a complaint, mind you - I’m lucky to be here at all, so I won’t quibble about some trivial and easily managed balancing thing - but as an explanation for why I tend to walk a touch more slowly than most, somewhat more deliberately.

The upside is I notice things that would normally get missed. Like this single berry on the pavement that I came across while walking the pup early on a Saturday morning. The color was near-hypnotic, and Calli patiently sat on the sidewalk while I sized it up.

I probably could have spent a little more time cleaning the area around the berry to reduce the clutter a bit. But the journalist in me didn’t want to over-orchestrate things. In its original form, it was one of those scenes that called for a photo, because it would otherwise be gone in a blink.

I find it interesting how something most of us might categorize as a limitation has, in my world, become something of an advantage. Lucky me, then. Maybe we’d all notice the berries more often if we slowed down a bit.

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