Saturday, October 05, 2019

Not just any donut

A quintessentially Canadian breakfast
London, ON
October 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Behold the humble donut.

It isn't just any donut (doughnut?), mind you. It's a Tim Hortons specialty donut. Take a Boston cream, replace the custard with caramel, top it with Kit Kat bits, put it on sale for a limited time, and voila: Instant stink-eye from every right-thinking cardiologist and diet-shamer on the planet.

But here's the thing: An occasional treat makes for a sweeter life. And it never hurts to remember little sweetnesses like this with some well-placed pixels.

This donut actually had a twin, which our daughter had already finished it off by the time I shot this still-life on Henrietta 2.0's dusty dashboard. I was dropping her off at an early-morning photo shoot across town, and some on-the-run breakfast seemed in order.

While I drove the quiet streets, she ate and we chatted as we willed the defroster to get rid of the last evidence of the morning chill. We used the seat heaters this morning, and bantered cheerfully about how lucky we are to have lots of ways to stay warm.

I'm lucky indeed, largely because I get to have time like this. With her. With everyone in our little family.

And if it takes a hastily captured arena parking lot donut photo to remember why otherwise routine mornings like this one deserve to be captured in some way, then consider me always willing to chow one - or maybe two - down for the team.

Because if I have to ride a few extra kilometres later on to burn this monstrosity off, I can't think of a better reason why.

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