Friday, October 25, 2019

Staring across the Hudson

They drown townhouses here, don't they?
New York, NY
November 2009
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Almost 10 years ago to the day, I stood alone on the western shore of Manhattan and pointed my lens across the Hudson River toward New Jersey.

I was fascinated by the row of townhouses facing the water, and wondered what it must be like to live with the world’s most recognizable skyline literally right in front of your window.

Sure, global warming will probably turn these units into unplanned swimming pools in a few years. But for now, it looks like a fun street to live on, and I’m sure any of us would love to drop in for a visit.

But that would be a bit creepy. So shooting with a long lens was my only alternative. Which, on reflection, is creepy in a different way. Maybe I need a new hobby.

Either way, I liked the lines. Sometimes it’s enough to stand way across the water and wonder about the distant lives of strangers.

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