Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Forbidden pizza

Looking through glass
London, ON
October 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
As you may have guessed from my feed, I've got a whole lot of weird habits. At some point they might merit diagnosis by a professional, but for now let's just call them delightful personality quirks. Yes, that sounds about right.

One of these habits, er, quirks, often happens seconds after I walk into restaurants or stores with glass display cases in front. I'll usually wait till the folks who work there look elsewhere, then quickly compose and shoot whatever's there. More often than not, I'll press the camera right up to the glass to avoid spurious reflections. It isn't elegant or thoughtful. It's quick, somewhat panicked, and way outside the bounds of normal customer behavior.

Which brings us to the Pizza Pizza outlet in our neighborhood. My wife and I were hunting and foraging for pizza, as suburbanites do, on Thanksgiving Monday evening. Our kids were waiting at home, and we were reflecting on the memorably awesome weekend that was drawing to a close. As my wife dealt with the employee at the cash, I waited for my moment and grabbed a fast shot of a pepperoni slice.

I didn't have enough time to think about the why, or the how. I don't even eat pepperoni pizza. But it looked like a fun theme with cool texture, so I cobbled it together in a blink before someone got wise to my idiocy and booted me from the store.

I got away with it. This time. Rest assured there will indeed be a next time. Because life challenges us to find enjoyment in the strangest places. Bonus points if glass, food, and family are involved.

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