Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tonight's spooky London weather...

If I don't post for a while - or ever again - please look for me and my brood in the basement under the stairs. Here's the latest weather warning that I just pulled off of Environment Canada's website:
London - Parkhill - Eastern Middlesex County
10:02 PM EDT Sunday 24 July 2005

Severe thunderstorm warning for
London - Parkhill - Eastern Middlesex County continued

Around 10.00 PM a large area of severe thunderstorms about 50 km wide over the western half were moving eastward at 70 km/h.

Damaging winds risk of a tornado large hail torrential rain and deadly lightning are likely with these storms.
Carmi again: You know, two things come to mind as I read this weather warning:
  1. The terms "tornado" and "deadly lightning" really make me question why I uprooted my family to move to this part of the world. What was I thinking?
  2. I think I should offer my services as an editor to Environment Canada. Whoever writes their web updates needs some serious English lessons. Our tax dollars, apparently, are hard at work once again.
Your turn: What kind of weather scares you? What do you do to stay safe when it rolls in?

Public service message: Please don't be like me, riding my bike, taking pictures, using my laptop to connect to the Internet, and basically putting my health and my technology at risk for the sake of sharing my words and vision. Though I did get some amazing pictures tonight. Wanna see 'em?


Thumper said...

I think tornadoes are the only weather thing that really bothers me. well...maybe a blizzard would if I were ever stuck outside in one. Being inside, even without power, is no big deal in a blizzard.

But a tornado? that could rip the apartment to pieces, and me along with it!

And oh yea, I wanna see those pictures!

(here via Michele's this time...)

Dlynne said...

I hate severe thunderstorms and the threat of tornadoes, so does my son, he's 22 years old. My 20-year-old daughter on the other hand loves a good storm...Enjoyed your site. I loved the picture on your previous post. It reminded me of home when I was growing up. Oh to go back and know the things I know now (heavy sigh). If you don't mind, I'll be back to visit. PS Michele says hi!

Mrs. Fun said...

snow storms and ice storms scare me. Thats why i choose to live in a city that sees no snow.

Chana said...

I love me a good thunderstorm, but I will stand clear of any and all tornadoes. By the way, Hello, Michele sent me.

Tammy said...

Well, down here, we get bad thunderstorms all the time. And we recently had a tornado go through. But what really scares me is hurricanes....especially after seeing what Hurricane Charley did to my area last year.

And of course I want to see the pictures...where are you hiding them?!

Michele sent me....OH! And I just love gmail, btw! Thank you!

Michelle said...

I am terrified of tornadoes! Lightning would be the other culprit! If I could I would still run and hide under the bed!

puremood said...

I like storms but I dont like danger.

Having been through many tornados they scare me... I cant stand em.... Had to deal with them all my life expect for the 5 years I lived in CA

From guess who? Yes, Michele's :)

scrappintwinmom said...

I've never seen a tornado up close. But I'll normally hole up whenever there's really severe thunderstorms, hail, or really deep snow. Here via Michele today.

Dean said...

The only weather I can recall being afraid of was -45 temps with 70kmh winds.

Common sense tells me that it's good to be scared of such weather. If you're not, you're a fool.

I love thunderstorms.

Guppyman said...

I love storms! I'm the guy in that one car you see heading the opposite way when everybody is evacuating for hurricanes....

Pictures? Show em!

Guppyman said...

BTW... Michele says Howdy!

MissMeliss said...

After living in South Dakota for three years, I should have known about tornado sirens, but I'm a Californian at heart. A few months ago, we had hail and tornadoes near Dallas, and I heard the eerie keening siren, and couldn't fathom WHAT it was for.

I stayed logged in, near the window, the entire time. I wanted to WATCH.

kristal said...


I'm a baby about everything, though. This is my first visit and I loved your about blurb. Random acts of kindness are the best!

Michele sent me.

Pearl said...

I love violent weather, wind, lightning, twisters, thunder and sandstorms. It takes all the cockiness out of humanity for a minute and you bow to some forces on a far greater scale. We are ants who dream of being kings. Smog I'm not so fond of.

L said...

could have been worse -- you could have moved them to Florida :)