Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blockbuster busted

The other shoe in the traumatic redrawing of the entertainment landscape has just dropped: the remaining Blockbuster stores in Canada are now slated to close.

That's right, folks: the video store as we know it is finally dead. No one ever said progress came without cost.

Your turn: In a world without video stores, where do you find stuff to watch?

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This just in: If you're in Canada, I'll be chatting about this live tomorrow (Thursday) morning on CTV's Canada AM. Tune in just before 7:15 a.m. and I'll be on with Seamus O'Regan.

But wait, there's more: Here's a link to the Canada AM interview.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

For some reason, we still have one Blockbuster open here. But we haven't rented from them for quite some time. We have a Netflix membership, so we mostly watch instant streaming and we have the one at a time DVD in the mail. But that may change, since they're changing their price structure. If we drop the DVD in the mail, we'd probably get DVDs more often from Redbox.

Mike said...

Video stores? What video stores? :)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Blockbuster has been closing all over Calif... Neflix, Carmi... you wouldn't believe the great old movies u can download, the indie films are great as well.

Dawn said... living room.
Oh...and the supper table which- on a good night when we all make it to the table?...can go on for hours!

Karen S. said...

We haven't gone to video stores in years, but Blockbuster one year sent us a Christmas Card because with our little ones movies and a bigger brother's video games and of course movies for us...we were probably one of their biggest customers! For me catching the film on the big screen is so much more fun! When the kids were still home during the summer it was all family to the movies at least once a week! Cable and the Dish pretty much blows the video stores out...not to mention the Red Box (I've never used but they are everywhere) ! ..and the library is always an inexpensive route too, besides doing other stuff there too!

scripts for hypnosis said...

The net probably.

rashbre said...

Oddly enough, I noticed a Blockbuster store yesterday and it went through my head that I was surprised they still existed. I think the last video I borrowed from a store was probably on VHS.

Jim said...

They've been dropping like flies - one video store chain after the other. We've used Netflix, but there's still one local video store that I hope lives forever. Wander through the racks, talk to the guys (who have seen, reviewed, and in some cases acted in every movie I've asked about). This is the kind of place that has a coffee bar and a Thursday night performance space. Can't get that out of big red box!

Wendell said...

Netflix streaming.
There is a Blockbuster Express (like Redbox, a machine in a grocery or drug store that carries mostly mass-market new releases) right down the street from my apartment that I use sporadically. Every Saturday night my local PBS station shows a classic and an indie with no commercials.

I don't have cable. I don't go to movie theaters much. I own 1 DVD. I read more now.