Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting at the hospital

Good news or bad?
London, ON, June 2011
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This is a shot of the overhead bridge in front of London's largest hospital complex. I felt like a bit of a voyeur when I took this, as I used my long lens to reach across the parking lot and capture this seemingly quiet moment between the couple toward the left.

They'll never know this photo was taken. Similarly, I'll never know who they are or why they were there. All I know is they lingered in that spot for what seemed like an exaggerated amount of time, watching the comings and goings of this world so different from the world outside.

Whatever brought them to this spot, I quietly hoped it wasn't ominous.

Your turn: Do you have a moment from a hospital you'd like to share?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

The only time I have ever been in a hospital was : 1. having my tonsils out at the age of 8.. the hospital was Catholic... Halls were dark, eerie, I remember seeing a nun walking the corridor... yes, there was one.. Hence the St. Vincent's Hospital name.... The other times was when I had 3 babies each event was different.. and the only time was when my dad had a heart attack .. I was a teen and I remember him saying " I bet u wished I was dead".. yes, Carmi, he said that... Those teen years were hard because he had hard restrictions and we did not talk much... I guess he said what he said out of guilt? I never asked I just remember feeling shocked at his words.

WJ said...

Hospitals are interesting places. So much good done through healing yet so much sadness when modern medicine does not yet measure up.

Olivia Emisar said...

I just came back from a hospital in another state where my husband had surgery.

My most memorable moment was dozing off for a minute on a chair after having been up for 3 days... A volunteer at the hospital wrapped a warm blanket on me and my daughter...

After having been taking care of people all my life, I never realized how good it feels to be shown a kindness, a thoughtful gesture...

It is true what they say: you never forget how people make you feel.