Sunday, August 07, 2011

Putting red in focus

Get in and drive
Quebec City, QC, July 2011

So now you know I'm rather fond of cars with hatchbacks. Red ones. I dug up an old pic I took of a red Civic (hatch. Surprised?) I owned oh so long ago and was mortified when I realized just how lousy I was with a camera way back when. Seriously lousy focus, depth-of-field, composition and exposure. I guess we all had to start somewhere, right?

Not that things have improved all that much since then, as this light-challenged view of a Ford Focus will easily illustrate. But I'll keep taking the camera out even when the surrounding situation suggests, strongly, that I'd be better off buying a postcard, instead. Perfection, after all, is unattainable. The pursuit of it, however, is the very essence of who we need to be.

Your turn: How do you stretch your own envelope?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

At first I thought your title was a play on words... Thought u found a Ford Focus! lol...As far as stretching the envelope- that can be a good thing or bad...I guess u could say I stretched the envelope in my last relationship by giving that person a second chance!. See now, that can be a bad thing...My one downfall would be trust.. I use to be very trusting or is stupid a better word? Now that I've been burned in a few things, I am less trusting or more eyes open... Its too bad I can't be the trusting person I use to be.. Guess I thought others would be as true to things as I was? Yes, say it, I am gullible/stupid...

Dawn said...

"Perfection, after all, is unattainable. The pursuit of it, however, is the very essence of who we need to be."
I am going to tape that up all over my house. That's GOOD!
Stretching the envelope? Hmmm..I'd have to say these races I am only half way through are pretty much a stretch for me.
Nice shot! I like the red.

Alexia said...

Carmi: you are REALLY enjoying this red theme, aren't you!

Little Nell said...

I don’t know why it’s taken me all week to realise that we actually own a red car! There’s me posting pictures of a mail box when I could have been out there doing stylish shots of our Nissan Note! In 36 years of marriage we have never owned a red car until now. We used to drive two big cars, then we retired, and the little Nissan is all we need to drive round this island. And to add insult to injury, I then had a second revelation. I was nodding away in agreement of your words about always taking the camera out, and I thought, yes, well I do that, my little Canon Ixus lives in my bag permanently - that’s my little RED Canon Ixus. Oh dear ...well, better late than never.