Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Goodbye Game Boy. Handheld gaming gets set to die.

I lead an interesting life these days. As a business/tech writer for Yahoo! Canada, I cover a broad range of topics, some of which will inevitably get under my children's skin.

Allow me to present the article that published earlier today, The era of handheld devices like the Nintendo 3DS is ending, as exhibit A. Largely based on this piece, I fear I will forever be known by my kids as the dad who killed handheld gaming. I believe I have a little over four months until holiday shopping season to make it up to them.

Your turn: Did/do you ever play games on the go? Are you old-school or have you made the jump to smartphones and tablets?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

The answer is simply: NO.... I don't even have or need a smart phone... someone asked me if i did and i said 'no'... by their reaction u would of thought I had lost out on the best thing in the world.

Edith Levy said...

Ok I have to admit I have a blackberry (although itching to get an iPhone) and am hooked on Brick Breaker. Is that bad. Okay one more admission...I play Angry Birds on my iPad. There my secrets are out.

rashbre said...

I must admit to a pile of games on my iPhone although I don't really play them. It could probably burn years of time.

Knowing you track RIM I expect you've seem the BBM usage by London looters? and the RIM UK support to the police?

Alexia said...

I have a smartphone and I must admit to having a number of games installed... Angry Birds is great! :)

Max said...

When I went to get my last phone, the clerk asked what features I wanted. My answer was "I want it to ring." (That's actually what I told her)
I do keep my home computer (desktop, not even a laptop), scanner, digital camera and other peripherals pretty much up to date, but I don't want it following me everywhere I go. I conceded to the cell phone, even got rid of my land line, but I have enough of computers, the internet and email at home and at school. I don't need or want that stuff following me wherever I go.