Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Salt and pepper

Shaken, not stirred
Laval, QC, July 2011
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They're about as plain as plain can be; so plain, in fact that they almost fade into the background whenever we encounter them at mealtime. The lowly salt and pepper shaker don't typically merit anything more than a passing glance. And looking at this shot, I'm still left wondering why, on this night, in this place, I decided to go beyond the passing glance.

Maybe I enjoyed watching the other restaurant-goers try to hide their curiosity as I set up for the shot. Maybe deep down inside, I enjoy the little jolt I get from throwing strangers little curves and giving them a reason to break out of their own sense of conventionality. Sometimes, people just need an excuse to think different.

Your turn: How do you think different?


Karen S. said...

..hmm if those were my shakers, the pepper would be the lowest! I laugh each time I picture you taking photos and by standers watching in wonder...I know, I've experienced it too, and it's so funny the longer you pay attention to something and walk many others need to come over and just see what all the fuzz was about...I love it!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Not to sound arrogant, I guess I do think different.. I look at the other side- always look for logic... :-)

Bob Scotney said...

I would never have the nerve to take a photo like this in a restaurant. Our shakers at home are much more exotic - but I'm not allowed salt.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

love the shakers- love the story- I used to be really shy about taking photos in public- now i do it for the same reasons you do- and being in the south with soutern hospitality people are not afraid to come up and talk to you about it- I have met many delightful people that way
I recently did a post on my thought process when I do art edits
the post is called insights