Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goodnight moon

Saying hello to our neighbor
London, ON, August 2011
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About this photo: We're exploring the various facets of "rough" as part of this week's Thematic. If none of this makes any sense to you - or even if it does - head this way to share your own.
For a place with no atmosphere, brutal temperature ranges, not a lot of gravity and a huge commute to the nearest Tim Hortons, the moon sure gets more than its fair share of publicity. Over the past month alone, it's garnered headlines for a new theory of its creation (namely, that it once crashed headlong into a second moon), the impending launch of two identical probes, and the possible sighting of the crashed Lunar Orbiter 2 on the dark side of the moon. Oh, and Buzz Aldrin (#2 man on the moon) is in court battling his soon-to-be-ex-wife and stepdaughter.

Other worlds never lose their ability to intrigue us, I guess.

As I often do when I'm bored, I'll point my camera in whatever direction interests me and see what comes up. I probably need longer glass to bring home viable moon shots, but that doesn't stop me from occasionally trying, anyway. On this remarkably clear summer night as we finished up at the local Dairy Queen, I'm kinda glad I took the chance, as billions of years of direct exposure to space has given this place a roughness that not even the wildest sci-fi-fed imagination could conjure up.

If only this world could talk.

Your turn: What would it say?


Karen S. said...

With a title of Goodnight Moon it would probably say can you find the RED balloon? We've been having a rather lovely full moon in our sky the last couple of 2 yr old grandbaby Lyra will always (excitedly)show me the moon even during the day...already at 2 she searches for stars and the moon!

Kavi said...

The moon would perhaps say...nothing is constant in the world ! Not even me, the moon ! :)

♥ Braja said...

I just loved the opening sentence: killer kinda tourist brochure stuff, Carmi ;))

WJ said...

I think the moon would say "chicks dig scars."