Monday, August 01, 2011

Small leaf. Big meaning.

Sweat the small stuff
London, ON, July 2011

I'd like to end off our week-long exploration of "big" with a picture of something that's actually small. It's a leaf, something most of us would simply walk past without giving much of a second thought. But in the overall scheme of things, I believe it matters. It ensures we breathe, that our air is clean, that we have shade, that we have something to sit under when the world offers us no shelter otherwise.

I took this just before we bundled the kids into the car and set off on the long journey east to visit family. It reminded me that the little things matter as much as anything else, and it sometimes helps to stop and take them in.

Your turn: What other small things matter to you?

One more thing: Our new Thematic theme, red, kicks off tonight at 7:00 Eastern. We hope you'll pop back in then.


Karen S. said...

Lovely leaf, they still get my attention, although I don't collect them so much anymore. Your post reminded me of this...
Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, or that additional few minutes, that soft word of phrase or thanks, that delivery of the very best that you can do...never neglect the little things...-this is quoted by Og Mandion but carried out by those in the is the little moments that make for big things within!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Beautiful shot, Carmi. The little things that are big in my life? Kind words - especially from family members. Sitting in my chair in the morning with the window open and listening to the chattering birds. Holding hands with my hubby.

btw - what lens did you use on this?

Bob Scotney said...

I go quite excited when I saw this photo,Carmi. I thought you had chosen small for this week's them. I have a very similar photo to your's.

Edith Levy said...

You're so right the small things in life do matter. A kiss from your child before they go to bed, a hug that comes out of nowhere, you're kids putting away their dishes without being asked. It's all of these little things that we sometimes take for granted that if we stopped to think about it it reminds us that we're doing something right.

I love the shot Carmi.

From Tracie said...

Small things really can be the BIG things in disguise.

Looking someone in the eye when they are talking so they can see I am listening.